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Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo commentating Bob Sapp vs. Big Nog is more entertaining than you think

Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo commentating Bob Sapp vs. Big Nog is more entertaning than you think

There's a video of Antonio McKee breaking down Adolph Hitler to Bob Sapp that's floating somewhere on the internet solely because all videos have the buoyancy to float. The internet facilitates a collection of floating things that are always 'somewhere.' Occasionally, we run into these intangible objects and then we realize that we are also floating somewhere on the internet. Everything in this universe is floating on the internet, nothing every sinks -- except (on occasion) the Dow Jones. It's clear the stock market has the ability to penetrate the surface of the internet at will and then bounce back up sporadically. If you find a picture of a kitchen sink floating on the internet -- what would happen? It would create such a paradox that the CPU powering Earth would crash and we all would need to be rebooted. All of the planet's RAM would be wiped out and we would all have to re-familiarize ourselves with life. Hopefully in this new incarnation of Earth, the folder that contains human history will still have Bob Sapp vs. Big Nog stored in some password-protected sub-folder.

Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan commentating Bob Sapp vs. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira may not seem that interesting upon first glance, but I guarantee once you hit play on the video below, it will be impossible to stop playing. An MMA fan decided to sink up a conversation on Joe Rogan's podcast regarding the two Pride FC fighters to their actual legendary fight -- and it works perfectly. Since you guys will most likely want to watch the second part, here it is free of charge. Thank me later.

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