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Miguel Torres was just kicked out of the UFC for a rape joke he made on Twitter

Yesterday Miguel Torres, a guy that's actually nominated for the 2011 MiddleEasy Award for 'Tweeter of the Year,' made a rather strange joke regarding a hypothetical rape van. Since I'm horrible at attempting to tell jokes, here's exactly what Miguel tweeted to his followers:

"If a rape van was called a surprise van more women wouldn’t mind going for rides in them. Everyone like surprises."

Just a few minutes after he made this statement, he deleted the initial tweet and replaced the word 'rape' with 'windowless.' The former WEC champion still received outlash from a number of media members, along with an influx of people on Twitter that were offended by the statement and identified it as 'insensitive.'

Bryan Armen Graham from Sports Illustrated sat down with Dana White today and managed to break some incredible news regarding Miguel Torres -- specifically that he was fired from the UFC completely due to his now infamous 'Rape Tweet.'

"This morning I’m on [Michael] Landsburg’s show, up here in Canada, and he hits me with the quote of what he tweeted. Now there’s no explanation for that. There’s absolutely nothing I could say to make any sense of that. And the fact that he even thinks that’s funny or that’s a joke, it disturbs me. It bothers me. Again, you’re dealing with a guy that’s a smart guy, that owns his own business, that’s been one of the top fighters in the world forever. And I cut him today. He’s no longer with the UFC."

"It’s being announced right now to you. You’re the only one that knows. Miguel Torres has been cut from the UFC and his career with us now is over."

That same day, Rashad Evans made a joke towards Phil Davis that involved a 'child rape/Jerry Sandusky' reference, but as of tonight no action has been taken on the potential light heavyweight title contender. Of course, the moral of the story is simple -- don't make idiotic statements...especially in public. [Source]

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