Oh look, yet another awful Battlefield 4 bug

I love the Battlefield games. I feel like I need to get that out of the way here. I was super excited about Battlefield 4, especially when they first debuted it showing the giant building getting destroyed and how all of the maps will have something crazy like that happen over the course of them. It seemed like DICE had another hit on their hands with Battlefield 4 because, c’mon now how couldn’t they?

Yet I look at my Origin account (grrr) and see that I have something like 30 hours played of Battlefield 4 and for a brief moment will wonder why, then I’ll remember all of the terrible stuff that happened when that game launched. Hell, even months later it was rife with problems. A few of us were sitting down to play and it would be spotty who could connect to a server, who was getting glitches and who could play just fine. It turned into kind of a mess, a mess that didn’t exit in Battlefield 3. The console versions have had their own problems as well.

This video was posted over the weekend and shows yet another ridiculous Battlefield 4 bug, one in a long line of ridiculous bugs, that makes the game so frustrating. This bug is that if there is a revivable body in between you and an enemy, that dead body’s hitbox will remain standing up. That means that rockets, grenades and even bullets are ineffective as long as that body is revivable. What’s worse is that no one has picked this up until now, so it could possibly explain why this game has felt so damned broken.

Watch Carl From The Walking Dead Play DayZ

That headline might seem a bit strange, but yes, this is absolutely a real thing. If you’ve watched any of AMC’s The Walking Dead you’ll know about Carl. Carl is one of the main characters, he’s Rick’s son, and, well, he’s kind of a nuisance on every account. Carl has had memes about him, Carl has been lost, Carl has shot zombies and almost cost everyone their lives numerous times. I’m not sure where it goes from there because I stopped watching The Walking Dead after season two when I decided I couldn’t watch that damned show any longer. Sorry.

Anyway, 14-year-old actor Chandler Griggs is still just a kid, which means that he has interests in things beyond banging hookers and doing blow. He’s not super Hollywood just yet, which is kind of cool. What’s kind of crazy is that he’s doing the whole YouTube thing now, but not how you’d expect. It isn’t some crazy behind-the-scenes stuff from a project he’s working on or anything like that. No, it’s him and his friends playing videogames. You’d think that he’s had his fill of zombies, but no, he’s actually big into DayZ with his friends.

So much so that he’s posting videos of himself and his friends playing DayZ. Are they as entertaining as the videos that Jason was posting? I’ll let you decide.

The new Civilization takes place in... SPACE

There was a good two month stretch when Dave Walsh buil his gaming PC where the only thing him and Jason Nawara seemed to do was play Sid Meyer's Civilization 5. Every time we'd talk on Skype, they'd be playing it, they'd ask me how they should build their nation, even though I have zero experience playing it. It was charming the way they'd get so excited about it and they'd sort of create their own reality in the game. I so badly wanted to be apart of it, then I realized the barrier to entry and I decided it wasn't the best of ideas.

With both Jason and Walsh being huge science fiction fans. I can only imagine that this is going to start up all over again with the new Civilization taking place in space.

Side note, Sid Meyer is the only person left who puts his name in front of his games right?

In-Game Footage From Star Citizen is Amazing

PAX East is going on this week, which means it’s yet another big event that features gamers from around the globe interacting with the heavies of the game industry. It feels like we have so many of these events now that it is a bit dizzying, but when something cool comes of it, like this, I’m not going to complain. After a lot of promises and a ton of money donated, we finally get to see a little glimpse of what Star Citizen is going to look like. It’s AMAZING.

Look, when you think that $41 million has gone into Star Citizen since 2011 you gotta be thinking that this game should be blowing our minds. There is actually an expectation from backers that we’ll see the dogfighting module within the month, so finally getting a glimpse of what it’s like zipping around space in your cockpit is even better. This video footage is from PAX East 2014 and is from a presentation to what seems like a bunch of super enthusiastic gamers. The fact that the pilot hopping into the cockpit and putting a helmet on gets a huge reaction is proof enough that this game is onto something and that there is a huge demand for it.

So watch this and be aware that this is all very much a work in progress. This is just to show off what to expect when Star Citizen’s dogfighting module drops.

Someone Has Created a Crazy TitanFall Minecraft Mod

Without a doubt one of the biggest games of this year has been TitanFall. TitanFall burst onto the scene and has been hailed as the true successor to the Call of Duty series, with the Call of Duty series of course still being around as well. It’s just, you know, by the people who originally brought Call of Duty to life and feels like something new and exciting. That is really all that we need in gaming every now and then; new and exciting. That is what TitanFall is to a lot of people.

The thing is, not everyone is ready to move onto that new and exciting, or they just aren’t that interested. So that is where this new Minecraft mod comes into play; IronFall. Yes, IronFall, a mod for Minecraft on the PC that turns the game into an arena-style first person shooter a la TitanFall. What’s even more awesome is that it uses stuff that is already in the game for weapons, projectiles and even the “titans.”

There aren’t actual titans, but as the game implies, “irons.” Yes, if you play Minecraft you know where I’m going with this; Iron Golems are the Titans! It’s a brilliant idea when you stop and think about it and makes this mod all-the-more interesting. So check out this video of what IronFall looks like in Minecraft and be excited that people out there are still making awesome mods for awesome games so you won’t feel like you are missing out by playing said old game.

Sony Online Unveils H1Z1: Yet Another Zombie MMO

There is just something about PC gamers that makes zombie MMO games intrinsically interesting and top sellers, regardless of quality. It looks like one of the bigger developers of some of the more popular MMO games, Sony Online Entertainment, will be jumping aboard the zombie MMO bandwagon. What’s crazy is that it will be sooner than you think, somewhere within the next 4-6 weeks via Steam Early Access, probably for about $20.

The game is called H1Z1 and you can probably figure out what it’s about by simply guessing. It’s the zombie apocalypse, it is in middle America and there will be crafting, day/night cycles, zombies, persistent worlds via SOE’s servers and a lot more. How will it be different than DayZ or Rust? I’m really not sure just yet, because there isn’t much information available. They have promised base-building, crafting, vehicles, aircraft and the ability to light things on fire. In this video that was released yesterday, John Smedley from SOE claims that they are going to take the survival genre to the next level through H1Z1’s depth and scope.

In this video there is about 4 minutes of footage from H1Z1 from about a month ago, which shows an earlier build. The game will be working on a modified PlanetSide 2 engine, with Smedley claiming that it will be “orders of magnitude bigger” than PlanetSide 2, which is a huge game. It’ll be a free-to-play game (although Steam early access won’t be free), so look for this on PC first and PS4 at a later date, which could be exciting as it will be the first Zombie MMO to hit a next generation console.

We Superchat about EA UFC, Bruce Lee and how friggin' tough it is to make an MMA game

You know what time it is... Wait, what? You don't know what time it is? It's business time, also known as too early for dinner but too late for lunch. Basically, it's mid-day snack time, or time for another episode of The Superchat! In this episode, we earnestly take on the incendiary subject of EA UFC, and Bruce Lee's inclusion in the game. 

As many of you know, Superchatter and MiddleEasy singer/songwriter Nick Robertson worked on the THQ UFC games for years. Many, many years. So we discuss the nearly impossible task of developing an MMA game, some facts and fictions over what was coming in the next UFC game from THQ, who else we want in an MMA game beyond Bruce Lee (for the record, none of us have a problem with him being in the game) and how much Gary hates Jason for his gaming habits.

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