The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

I think MiddleEasy reader, Juice Lee, said it best in the comment section this week. When we used to run the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill on a weekly basis, you lunatics would republish every item on your message board or website of choice claiming we're 'reporting' these items as fact. On the occasion that one of these items is false or slightly untrue, we would then get negative backlash from the MMA community. Mobs would come after us with pitchforks in hand, ready to torch our office down with handcrafted Molotov cocktails -- and through all of this we would just stand there with a 'WTF' look on our face. That's why we stopped doing the rumor mill for a while. You guys can't have anything nice. If Jesus Christ returned to Earth, MiddleEasy readers would ridicule him for wearing leather sandals in the year 2013 and kill him again.

However, it's Sunday which means another Sunday Morning Rumor Mill is upon us. Enjoy.

.On Friday at some point before, during, or after the UFC on FOX 8 weigh-ins, Melvin Guillard started have a verbal shouting match with UFC's Burt Watson. Melvin Guillard called Burt Watson an 'asshole' for something he did earlier in the day. Watson held his ground and verbally defended himself. Apparently the entire ordeal was so intense that it became pretty uncomfortable for everyone in the vicinity.

.People have been accusing MMA World Series of Fighting for buying YouTube views, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers. As of today, @MMAWorldSeries has 96,663 followers, nearly 20,000 more than @BellatorMMA. Ray Sefo also has 66,102 followers, far more than CEO of Bellator, Bjorn Rebney.

.A new MMA promotion is coming to Singapore and they are slated to have their first event before the end of 2013.

.More than a handful of ONE FC fighters have expressed their disappointment with the pay structure within ONE FC. In short, they believe that it's simply not enough.

.Starting with UFC 162, a bug was brought to my attention that enables a person to view without the need to pay for the subscription service. Apparently the person that discovered this bug alerted UFC and Neulion, the providers of the technology, but both companies have not responded. As of 1:40 pm PST, this bug is still active. Judging from the two emails I received this morning, it appears that people are starting to learn about this exploit. Any instructions on how to do the UFC.TV exploit in the comment section will be deleted. Look, we know you know how to do it. Don't go flaunting it around on MiddleEasy. Do it elsewhere.

Zeus @MiddleEasy

Zeus is represented by Galactus in his avatar image because he has an immature obsession with Marvel when they went all sci-fi back in the mid 80s. I'm the creator of MiddleEasy and Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Just kidding about the Nickelodeon stuff, but that would be really cool.

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+45 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-07-28 13:57
What a douche-bag the guy who ''reported'' the bug is....serves the stupid hero right for not getting a response.
+36 # Jimy 6 2013-07-28 14:14
Wait Middleeasy has a office? I thought this website was maintained by a couple dudes who live in their mothers' basement ?_?
+31 # TDM 2013-07-28 14:19

That's the joke
-1 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-07-30 04:30
It makes me happy that 28 people get this joke...
-7 # ExonerateSonnen 2013-07-28 14:15
If you don't give us the information how are we supposed to watch free shit? I know this may be a character flaw in line with Timothy Olyphant in Die Hard 4, but if we don't exploit this, then how will the UFC know about it and fix it?
+8 # jt33 2013-07-28 14:18
damn how can you not get along with burt watson...melvin must have carried that anger over into the fight.

i have no problem with what wsof is doing..i hope they end up being the number 2 org. and i have no doubt sefo having more followers is legit..most are probably fans from his k-1 days.
+4 # MMAsshole 2013-07-28 18:56
seriously what is suspicious about a likable boss/FIGHTER having more twitter followers than a duece [censored] like Bjork?
-10 # PeteDaMeat 2013-07-28 15:26
Wsof is still around?!
-4 # Squid 2013-07-28 20:02
Thought the same thing when I read the word "Bellator"
+1 # Master Bader 2013-07-28 15:29
We used to use Neulion IPTV boxes at my old job. There was a bug in their system where you could keep a box active by performing a decoder replacement in the system without deactivating the box first. Or maybe the bug was in our system? Either way, it won't get you free UFC.TV
+7 # Sundog 2013-07-28 15:34
So according to m, 61% of WSOF's followers are fake, and 72% of Ray Sefo's are too.
+1 # Sundog 2013-07-28 15:42
By comparison, it lists Bjorn at 15% and Bellator at 21%, so that's a significant amount
+19 # RearNakedJoke 2013-07-28 16:04
At the load screen for press up ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA
then sit back and enjoy the show!
+11 # Sporadik Styles 2013-07-28 16:16
The Melvin situation doesn't surprise me at all. He seems like a super unstable dude. One of those ,people who are hugging you and smiling and laughing one minute, then 5 minutes later super angry, trying to fight you, then another 5 minutes later they're crying and apologizing. His mannerisms just remind me of people I know (and avoid) who act like that. Poor Burt, he seems like a really cool dude
+3 # NoHomo 2013-07-28 18:59
sounds like all woman, i try to stay away from that
-11 # SST 2013-07-28 17:48
That loud mouth Burt had it coming. Glad Melvin put the old house [censored] in his place.
+1 # AkuraIchiban 2013-07-29 10:50
Hey! We don't know what Burt did to get Melvin's ire. It just might be he went fingering dude's hair dye or some twisted shit like that
+10 # Fatty_Sam86 2013-07-28 19:04
I guess Melvin wasn't into rollin with Burt.
-2 # middleeasy 2013-07-28 21:51
Middleeasy you guys definitely expedited the rate at which people find out about the bug by mentioning it so I guess you guys don't really care that much.
-1 # AuntieRazor 2013-07-29 08:38

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