Joan Jett Thinks That It's 'So Cool' That Ronda Rousey Uses Bad Reputation

Last night was a weird night on AXS TV. Why? Because CM Punk was hosting the red carpet event for AXS TV during the Alternative Press Music Awards in his first big, public appearance since he left the WWE back in late January. He also used his gimmick name, CM Punk, as opposed to Phil Brooks like he has in other appearances. This is probably it, Punk is done with WWE, it’s over. He’s moved on, fans need to move on.

There was an interesting moment last night when Punk was with Joan Jett, the punk rocker known for empowering females for the past few decades. He decided to bring up the fact that Ronda Rousey uses “Bad Reputation” as her walkout song in the UFC, asking Jett what she thinks about it. Her response was great, with her saying that she always loves it when her music is used to help people express themselves.

Props to @WMMANews and @PanthersfanGP for the tip.

The Latest DNA Teaser From WhoaTV Captures UFC Dublin's Magic

It’s hard to deny that this past weekend at UFC Fight Night Dublin that there was something special in the air. That night just felt special, magical even. That is what a great crowd can do for an event; it can turn it from a night of good fights to one that will be remembered for ages because of how much emotion went into it. A good crowd can be everything, it can change the perception of an event.

We’ve all seen good events and good fights happen in front of empty seats before, we’ve seen good events happen in front of celebrity-packed Las Vegas crowds where there is no real interest in the action in the ring and it’s just a bummer. UFC Fight Night Dublin was different, there was a serious buzz going on and this teaser for WhoaTV’s latest feature, #DNA, really shows you some of that behind-the-scenes magic.

Fighting is in our DNA, bruh.

The latest EA UFC patch breathes new life into the game

This was really, really needed. After a month of a fun, but flawed gaming, EA UFC dropped a patch today addressing some of the most important issues in the game in our eyes. Vastly important issues such as touching gloves at the beginning of the fight and giving us the ability to throw in a few extra follow-up shots after the knockout and... and update to Gustaffson's tattoo.

Oh yeah, and we get Mizugaki, Dillashaw and Tyron Woodley. Pretty awesome for a free patch. Is this really EA?

Beyond that, we get a host of bug fixes regarding physics and a bunch of other ****. That's it. Read the rest below. I'm going to go play right now and I'll report back on how to touch gloves (it better be like EA MMA and not UFC 3's weird kitten pawing).

This came from AlcoholismIsForKids on Reddit. Strange, sad username.

It's nice to know that they're addressing the issues with this game. There is still hope yet. Now, if only they can add a way to skip training in career mode...


The game is more methodical. I really like the changes. Download this patch immediately. Woodley feels quite different from other fighters as does Mizugaki and Dillashaw.

A Lesson in Street MMA: The Taxi Driver Standing Arm Triangle Takedown

If there's one lesson to be learned from all the lessons in Street MMA that MiddleEasy has posted over the years, it's that there's no telling who tranes UFC (bro). All MiddleEasy readers should know by now not to mess with random people in the street because you never know whether they might turn out to actually have some skill in fighting.

For example; if you're vacationing in Romania and are lost on your way back to the hotel from the street horse race you just attended, don't hail a cab and then get upset at the cab driver for actually pulling over to pick you up. That is what you wanted him to do in the first place. If he pulled over, get into the cab and politely tell him the name of the hotel you are staying at so he can take you there. Pay the cab driver when/if he drops you off at your hotel. Now, if the taxi driver decided to perhaps rob you or took you to the opposite side of town instead, then you have the right to be upset with him. But don't just decide to bust out them sweet MMA moves you saw on the TV, because the taxi driver might just get you in a standing arm triangle, use it to get a takedown, and ground-and-pound your head and kidneys. If/when you get your head and kidneys ground-and-pounded, don't run after the taxi yelling at him that you still need to get to your hotel.

Retirement already? The weird and awesome contrasting persona of Rin Nakai

As a fan of novelty in MMA, one of the most delightful surprises in 2014 has been Rin Nakai. Even on a superficial level, she is a contrast of opposites. And contrast is the definition of what makes life so interesting. Love and hate. Bravery and fear. Lingerie and fight shorts.

Or as the sketchy translation of her most recent blog entry reads, “It is like light and day.”

Nakai compares herself to “a rare animal found on the Seto Island Sea, and [her] background music is that of a perverted erotic thong.” Have you ever put your ear right down against the whistling edge of a perverted erotic thong? It is weird and beautiful, just like Nakai.

But Rin was being silly just then, and she becomes serious, lamenting that she is actually a “poor person from the country side,” and that her training facility isn’t adequate for her new role as an elite fighter in the UFC. “There is no one to train with in my gym, the countryside is worn-out and the gyms are shrinking/depopulating.”

She fancies herself a Japanese version of Elly May Clampett, dreaming of “big pool parties with lots of famous people . . . mega-gyms with state-of-the-art facilities and top-class coaches who are always there . . . top-class fighters who have an abundance of sparring partners . . . [and] big sponsorships . . . .”

Nakai is so distraught, “retirement has entered [her] scope and [she has] started thinking about it.”

But Rin’s blog is a diary of sorts, a place designed for cathartic exaggeration, and again, she is a woman of opposites. I suspect she will appear enthusiastically in September. But what if I'm wrong, and this conflicted newcomer really does plan to retire? Is she so strange and unpredictable that she's capable of forcing herself awake just as her dream is starting to get good? In a way, it would be a poetic representation of her wild, parabolic existence. And I will miss her, one moment, a whimsical Seto Island sea creature, skipping to the music of a vibrating undergarment. The next, a somber girl from the countryside, mourning the loss of an international career that hasn’t yet begun.

Botchamania 254 is here and you'll watch it if you know what's good for you.

People always talk about how pro wrestling is "fake" as if the people watching it aren't aware of it. That'd be like a wrestling fan going up to someone who's watching Mad Men or True Detective, screaming how it's fake. Yes, of course it's "fake" that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, just because it's fake doesn't mean the storytelling can't be good. It doesn't mean the matches themselves can't be visually appealing and create a sense of drama that's rarely rivaled.

Of course there are times when the curtain gets pulled back a bit on wrestling. When someone horribly botches a move in which case if it was during the pre internet era, it would've died and never been seen from again. Now we have the amazing technology that we know as the internet (thank you Al Gore.) So we can relive these botches in all their hilarity. For the millions reading this at home, I present to you, Botchamania. Or in the case you actually are a wrestling fan, you already know of Botchamania but whatever. 

Cub Swanson on Guinness, Golf and Conor McGregor

Cub Swanson is a dude that is very much in line for a shot at the UFC Featherweight Championship at some point, but it’s hard to deny that Conor McGregor is making a name for himself right now. Cub Swanson went to Dublin, Ireland to witness the rise of Conor McGregor where he got to deal with a bit of Conor McGregor trash talk while also enjoying himself a bit as well. That’s good. Everyone deserves some enjoyment in their lives now and then.

Apparently Cub Swanson is taking golf seriously now, so much so that he found three random dudes in Ireland and went golfing with them before getting to [over] taste the local love that is Guinness. All in all it sounded like a pretty solid trip.

Bellator Signs Paul Daley and Melvin Manhoef for Added Violence

Look, when it comes to a Scott Coker and Rich Chou-run Bellator consider us believers. Not Beliebers because we aren’t 12 year old girls (are Beliebers a real thing anymore? Has everyone moved on?), but we believe. Strikeforce was the little promotion that could, putting on some of the most memorable MMA events to happen on American soil and doing so with whatever resources they had at their disposal. Now with the muscle of Viacom behind them with Bellator, we have high hopes for a Coker-run Bellator.

Today’s news is just further preaching to the choir that Coker built as the promotion announced the signing of Paul “Semtex” Daley and Melvin “No Mercy” Manhoef. Both men are known for their explosive, violent histories in both MMA and Kickboxing. Paul Daley is currently on a crazy, violent streak since his return to kickboxing in 2014, with four wins in a row via knockout, three of which came from his deadly left hand, all were credible opponents.

Manhoef, of course, is coming off of the destruction of Cyborg Santos in their rematch in Brazil as well as competed in GLORY’s Last Man Standing Middleweight tournament against some of the best kickboxers in the world.

The Evolution of Phil Baroni, Now With Four Eyes

Phil Baroni has evolved, that much is hard to ignore. People have long-griped about Phil Baroni, claiming that his gas tank is not what it should be for a MMA fighter of his level. What they are ignoring is that Phil Baroni is evolution, he’s beyond the mortal, corporeal realm. Phil Baroni’s gas tank simply cannot keep up with him. That’s the facts and we are sticking to it.

The latest evolution of Phil Baroni is that Baroni went to take care of some licensing stuff, but while being checked up he walked away with another step in the evolutionary ladder; he walked away with four eyes. Unbelievable? For some, maybe. For the New York Bad Ass? No, it makes perfect sense and we applaud him on his latest evolution. This Phil Baroni enjoys the finer things in life, he wears a smoking jacket, smokes a pipe in front of the fire, then starts throwing bombs and knocking suckers out.

Dude in Pittsburgh Uses Sparta Kick to Finish Fight

The ranks of amateur MMA are confusing, at times. Sometimes dudes are wearing headgear, sometimes they aren’t. Something they are wearing kickpads, other times they aren’t, but might have headgear. I think it’s about time we just hand the reins over to Jens Pulver and let him fix the whole thing, but that’s just like, my opinion, man. Alright?

The movie 300 has really ruined us as a culture and how we view Spartans. I feel like since then we’ve had a giant surge of Sparta-fetishism, from calling races “Spartan races” to fight teams fashioning themselves as Spartans. Look, Spartans were weird and there is every indication that Spartans had really close, intimate relationships with each other, which I’m not sure that MMA people are all-that comfortable with just yet. Maybe in another time. Until then, nobody is a Spartan, just dudes with smartphones and maybe a beard.

We are also ruined because a powerful teep will forever be the “Sparta Kick.” That’s okay, I guess, for lulz. We do a lot of things for lulz. Lots of things. So I’m letting this slide. For lulz. Skip to 7:46.

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