Book your vacation time, Elder Scrolls Online has a release date

Book your vacation time, Elder Scrolls Online has a release date

Ugh. I don't want this game to come out and frankly I don't want it to even exist. I'm still playing Skyrim. On PC, with Steam Workshop integration, the game is virtually endless. I don't need more, and I really don't need another MMO. 

This is going to kill me. 

MMOs already suck so much time as it is, now you're telling me I can get a bunch of my friends together to play in Tamriel? Ugh. Please. No. Please delay the game further. I'm not ready for April 4, 2014. This just looks so awesome, though.

Yeah, that's the release date - April 4, 2014.

Watch this new trailer.

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+4 # Puck 2013-12-11 13:30
As a huge Elder Scrolls fan, and having participated in 4 of the Beta Tests for ESO, I can say with honesty...

...the gameplay is NOTHING like that demo shows :'(. It is fairly lackluster, slow, and boring for a modern MMO.

Don't get me wrong, the game looks very pretty and runs nice and smooth - and I will still get it and play it through - but unless the endgame and PvP is amazing I don't see it being a long standing MMO. It plays too much like their RPGs, and because of that there is no incentive to group and make friends in game. I am a firm believer that friends and social aspects are what make people keep playing MMOs, and without that you end up with a game like SWTOR - good for a complete play through for the story then drop the sub. Not paying $15 a month just to sit at level cap and craft gear a couple times a week.
0 # AkuraIchiban 2013-12-12 10:19
Looks great but I'm not really a fan of MMO's so I'm not sure I'm going to buy this game. For me this whole changing to MMO-universe was a bummer.... :cry:

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