The Best of This Generation: Xbox 360 Exclusives

The Best of This Generation: Xbox 360 Exclusives

I’ve decided that with the next generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles coming out, it might be time to look at some of the best games for both systems, taking a look at both the exclusives for each system as well as the multi-platform games. What better time than during this pleasant November where we will all be fretting about if buying a launch console is the right move or not, or if waiting is prudent.

Last week saw the release of the PlayStation 4 to much fanfare, with it selling over one million units in 24 hours. To celebrate that I looked at the exclusives that made the PlayStation 4 great, this time around it is the multi-platform releases that helped to push gaming further in the past few years than we’ve ever seen before.

Then I followed it up with the multi-platform releases that sold a ton of copies, were played and loved by lots of people. Now it is time for the Xbox 360, which saw its own share of blockbuster releases, with the Halo franchise almost selling the system on its own..

Bungie’s Halo series and 343 Industries’ Halo 4

Halo was pretty much THE reason that Microsoft’s Xbox brand took off in the first place. Many criticized the original Xbox for just being a PC in a black box, but when Halo came out things seemed to change. Then Halo 2 happened and it became legendary. Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo 3 ODST were created by original Halo creators Bungie before they decided to leave it behind, putting 343 Industries at the helm for Halo 4, which still kept most of the charm and sold a ton of copies.

Epic’s Gears of War

Gears of War was Microsoft’s third person cover-based shooters that were filled with lots of testosterone, over-the-top stories and were plenty of fun. They might not have had the same emotional impact that even a game like Halo might have, but they were loads of stupid fun. Much like Halo don’t expect this series to go anywhere any time soon.




Lionhead’s Fable II, III and Fable: The Journey

The original Fable was one of the series that began on the Xbox and then moved onto the Xbox 360 with a lot of promise and fanfare behind it. Fable II saw a lot of the features promised in the original Fable delivered. My favorite Fable II memory would have to be when it melted down my original Xbox 360, though, because that was a great moment in history. Fable III saw a few steps forward and a few back, but was still a fun game. Fable the Journey was like any other Kinect game, only it saw Peter Molyneux leave Lionhead, so there is that.


Dead Rising

Dead Rising came before we were oversaturated with zombies and did a great job of just providing some chaos and fun. The second title was not an Xbox exclusive but the third one will be a launch title for Xbox One, so it’s a homecoming of sorts of the series. It felt really rewarding to just pick up anything and use it as a weapon against a shopping mall full of undead hordes.



Twisted Pixel’s The Gunstringer

Hear me out on this one, as I know that Kinect games seem to be the furthest thing from what anyone wants to remember. This was the only Kinect game that really felt like a game where it wasn’t sports or dance oriented. This was a real, honest-to-goodness game and it was lots of fun.




Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 2, 3, 4 and Horizon

I can’t say that I’ve ever cared that much about car racing, never mind car racing games, but the consensus seems to be that these games are fantastic racing games and that the fifth iteration will be a must-own for racing fans, making the Xbox One just that much more appealing at launch. .

There were of course more exclusives on the Xbox 360 (as well as some timed exclusives that they then lost, like the Mass Effect games, etc.), so if you feel that I’ve missed anything feel free to leave them in the comments. Which were your favorite Xbox 360 games?

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