Take a look at the very bloody War of the Vikings on PC

If there is one thing that I’m really into it would have to be these hack-n-slash multiplayer games that seem to be in abundance on the PC. Chivalry will always be my main jam, but I have a lot of love for the Mount & Blade series as well, which brings us to the recently-released War of the Vikings. War of the Vikings was a game that was in Steam Early Access for quite a while, but finally got a full-on release this week for $5 less than the Early Access asking price.

I feel like the world needs to play these games more, because part of the reason to even bother with War of the Vikings right now while War of the Roses is still free-to-play is that there are just more people playing War of the Vikings right now. that means that you’ll most likely have an easier time hopping onto a server with decent ping and getting your kill on. So here, I made a video walking you through some of the basics of War of the Vikings. You get to watch me play a round of Team Deathmatch while giving you a cursory overview of how the game is played as well as some of the ins and outs. You can get a feel for it and, you know, decide if it sucks or not from an 11-minute video!

The impossible happened: Someone beat Half Life in 20 minutes

I feel guilty, I've always had this cloud hanging over my head and it's.something that I've never come clean with. I've never played Half Life on PC, only on PS2. Even though the PS2 version came out two months later. At the time it still felt special to me, it wasn't something I've experienced before, sure it wasn't as good as the PC version, I still enjoyed it even with all of it's flaws on PS2.

When it came out I was 11 and the idea of a first person shooter on a console was still a very foreign to me. It took me numerous hours to complete and I needed the support of my uncle to get me through it.

Now 13 years later, I see someone beat it in 20 minutes and 41 seconds, I now feel as if my childhood is a complete waste.

Ever wonder what Metal Gear Solid V would look like in Grand Theft Auto V? Wonder no more

When looking for a comparison to the MMA world for Hideo Kojima, it isn't easy. Comparisons usually give unreal expectations to people and aren't fair for anyone but they are fun in the way pointless lists are fun. So if I had a gun to my head, which I do, I'd say the MMA comparison to Hideo Kojima would be Genki Sudo. They are both very different from the rest of the visionaries in their respected fields. They don't always succeed in the traditional sense, Genki Sudo was never the best fighter but he'd always leave you entertained, whether it was his stuff in the ring or tje theatrics before it. You never walked away from a Genki Sudo fight without enjoying something about it. I've always felt the same way with Kojima, some things he did, didn't work but I enjoyed the effort for doing something that isn't the norm.

Metal Gear Solid V looks to break away from the norm yet again. As it's more of a realistic look at prisoner camps, child soldiers and more. It appears gone is the campy nature of past Metal Gear Soild titles.

Ever since the nine minute long trailer for MGS V came out giving us a longer glimpse of what it'll bring us we've known this. And of course the internet being the internet, we now know what MGS V looks like in the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Thank you based god.

This is Truly the Greatest Glitch Known to Man

If you’ve played The Wolf Among Us you know that Bigby Wolf is a serious kind of guy. He takes his job as sheriff very seriously and does his best to not only keep his rage in check, but to make sure that the folks of Fabletown are cared for. He might not always show it, but he’s a good guy at heart. At least that is how I try to play as him, you might do something different, I don’t know. Anyway, you know that he’s at least a very serious kind of guy without much of a sense of humor.

He’s not the kind of guy that after a violent incident would start pole dancing for no reason, at least. Apparently this one gamer got the glitch of a lifetime, though, as Bigby Wolf started grinding up against an imaginary pole and, well, yeah. It happened and it is hilarious. This does contain mild spoilers from The Wolf Among Us, though.

So Snoop Dogg is going to be in the new Call of Duty DLC

Can I be frank with everyone? I really like Eazy E, really really like Eazy E. He's easily in my top ten favorite rappers of all time. He had such a unique flow and cadence, it also helps that he came up in a time where beats were simple and not overly complicated as I feel they are today. It has always sadden me that Eazy E and Snoop Dogg has such a beef. I've never been huge into Snoop Dogg's work as a rapper but I've always liked him, I just kind of want to get some burgers with him.

Now what does Eazy E and Snoop Dogg have to do with Call of Duty: Ghosts? Well... Eazy E had guns and Snoop Dogg... probably has some guns too. Outside of that, I have no idea. Yet here we are and in the new DLC for CoD Ghosts, Snoop Dogg will be doing some voice over work for the multiplayer in it. It's weird to me that someone who was so deeply engrained in gang culture such as Snoop is so mainstream now. Good for him.

Oh look, yet another awful Battlefield 4 bug

I love the Battlefield games. I feel like I need to get that out of the way here. I was super excited about Battlefield 4, especially when they first debuted it showing the giant building getting destroyed and how all of the maps will have something crazy like that happen over the course of them. It seemed like DICE had another hit on their hands with Battlefield 4 because, c’mon now how couldn’t they?

Yet I look at my Origin account (grrr) and see that I have something like 30 hours played of Battlefield 4 and for a brief moment will wonder why, then I’ll remember all of the terrible stuff that happened when that game launched. Hell, even months later it was rife with problems. A few of us were sitting down to play and it would be spotty who could connect to a server, who was getting glitches and who could play just fine. It turned into kind of a mess, a mess that didn’t exist in Battlefield 3. The console versions have had their own problems as well.

This video was posted over the weekend and shows yet another ridiculous Battlefield 4 bug, one in a long line of ridiculous bugs, that makes the game so frustrating. This bug is that if there is a revivable body in between you and an enemy, that dead body’s hitbox will remain standing up. That means that rockets, grenades and even bullets are ineffective as long as that body is revivable. What’s worse is that no one has picked this up until now, so it could possibly explain why this game has felt so damned broken.

Watch Carl From The Walking Dead Play DayZ

That headline might seem a bit strange, but yes, this is absolutely a real thing. If you’ve watched any of AMC’s The Walking Dead you’ll know about Carl. Carl is one of the main characters, he’s Rick’s son, and, well, he’s kind of a nuisance on every account. Carl has had memes about him, Carl has been lost, Carl has shot zombies and almost cost everyone their lives numerous times. I’m not sure where it goes from there because I stopped watching The Walking Dead after season two when I decided I couldn’t watch that damned show any longer. Sorry.

Anyway, 14-year-old actor Chandler Griggs is still just a kid, which means that he has interests in things beyond banging hookers and doing blow. He’s not super Hollywood just yet, which is kind of cool. What’s kind of crazy is that he’s doing the whole YouTube thing now, but not how you’d expect. It isn’t some crazy behind-the-scenes stuff from a project he’s working on or anything like that. No, it’s him and his friends playing videogames. You’d think that he’s had his fill of zombies, but no, he’s actually big into DayZ with his friends.

So much so that he’s posting videos of himself and his friends playing DayZ. Are they as entertaining as the videos that Jason was posting? I’ll let you decide.

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