Mighty No.9 looks like it will do Mega Man proud

With EVO 2014 just ending, it shined the light on the video game company that we all know as CAPCOM. CAPCOM in the past few years has fallen in hard times. Outside of Monster Hunter most of their games are mired in a PR nightmare.

One of these nightmares with their refusal to offer one of their flagship mascots their full support in Megaman. During the 25th anniversary of Megaman, you'd expect a brand new game built from the ground up right? Wrong. They bought a fan made game and ended up releasing it for free. They canceled Megaman Legends 3 as well.

Thankfully Megaman creator, Keiji Inafune has a game to wet your Megaman taste buds in Mighty No. 9. The kickstarter funded title recently released some new gameplay footage. Yep, looks like something the creator of Megaman would make and I'm on pins and needles waiting for it's release. 

This Rainbow Six: Siege footage is making us think, 'Shooter of The Year.'

E3 2014 was pretty much what everyone expected. Which doesn't mean it was bad, it was actually really good, it just wasn't anything that blew your socks off. Although if it did I'd question why you were wearing socks inside during the summer, or wearing socks inside at all, that's just weird. There were a few surprises, Grim Fandango being one which Dave Walsh and myself simultaneously freaked out over.

One of the biggest surprises wasn't a surprise announcement at all, it was Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six is always a series I respected and recognized as good games, they just weren't for me. What surprised was, how interesting the game looked at E3. The first person shooter is a tired genre and Rainbow Six Siege is looking to take a new spin on it. Here's some brand new gameplay footage to get you even more pumped. 

The Walking Dead's Amid the Ruins Drops Next Week

Games are at the point of being boring and stupid. Let’s come to this conclusion together here, because it needs to be as out in the open as it can be. They are simulacra; copies of a copy of a copy of a copy. Someone did something cool in a game over ten years ago and we are now Bill Murray waking up every day to relive the same scenario, shoot the same goons, watch the same explosions and wear the same armor.

This is why Telltale’s The Walking Dead is important. This is why Telltale is important.

People like to complain that Telltale are putting out “non-game games,” but when the alternative is space marines or straightforward zombie shooter/survival games, I’d take a non-game over a “game” any day. I hate zombies, I think that the genre is tired, boring, trite and ridiculous. I hate those games that puts you on a server somewhere in the Eastern bloc and has you survive or be wacky and realize that the humans are the real threat.

George Romero has been saying that for ages now, man. It’s not new.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead does zombies in a way that is unique, interesting and focuses more on the situations and character interactions than smashing zombies. You know why? Because there are so many zombie smashing games out there in the wilderness trying to sell you on their uniqueness, or how real their experience is, when none of it feels any different.

This trailer gave me chills. That’s a sign of good art, it’s a sign of successful art. It’s something that videogames aren’t doing anymore. This is amazing. Next week Amid the Ruins drops, so don’t miss out on one of the best game series in many, many years. This is someone taking a risk to do something different in a sea of sameness and it's beautiful. 

Here are the top 5 moments from EVO 2014

Each year there are a few events that I are always circled on my calendar. The Daytona 500, New York Rangers opening day, E3, Wrestlemania along with a few others. One of them being EVO, which as you should know is the biggest fighting game tournament in existence.

When EVO reaches it's full potential, it's only rivaled by a few things. Year in and year out the drama and tension is so thick it's thicker than Lexington Ste... sorry this is a PG site, my bad. Forget I ever mentioned that.

In fact just watch the top five moments from this year's evo. See where Justin Wong winning UMvC3 landed.

Relive Justin Wong's incredible run to EVO gold this past Sunday

Why yes, I do realize that EVO the biggest fighting game tournament of the year ended on Sunday. Yes, this article is kind of late but I don't care since my Grammy wasn't doing so well and if you have a problem with that then don't read this site.

Anyways, two days removed from EVO and my blood is still pumping. Each year EVO happens, it somehow tops itself. Through out the three days storylines form organically and when the top eight happens, mind melt. This year was no different.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a game dominated by a select handful of top tier characters, one legend stood out from the pack. That legend is no other than one of the gods of Marvel, Justin Wong. Now if you're unfamiliar with Justin Wong, he's been around the fighting game community for ages. He's been in every single top 8 in both MvC2 and 3 in EVO history. After winning 7 out of 10 MvC2 tournaments at EVO, he has yet to take one In 3. That all changed this Sunday.

Watch him in the winner finals and the grand finals and let the hype run through you.

Jim Ross Commentary Over Games Makes Them Awesome

If you are like some of us, you grew up with Jim Ross commentary as a staple of life. Jim Ross, longtime commentator for the WWE (nee WWF) has been around for some of the most iconic calls in professional wrestling history, from his early career in the territories to modern day WWE. In fact, he’s one of the things that is missing from modern WWE that almost makes zero sense. The dude can still do his job, just keep him instead of Lawler, who is a self-parody at this point.

It’s been an internet tradition over the past few years to insert Jim Ross commentary over different situations and now we finally have an awesome gaming one. There are parts of this that when you really break it down it’s just incredible. I initially found myself laughing at the Flair Figure 4 one and heavily respected the Hell in the Cell/Water Temple one but go back and find myself laughing pretty hard at the Coffin/Koffing call and a few others.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Spend Your Sunday Watching REAL Fighting... EVO Tournaments

So if you are a fight fan this weekend has been a bit lacking in that department. No MMA to speak of, no kickboxing to speak of and Canelo won last night but everyone is pretty down on it. So what is a fight fan to do? Why, isn’t the answer as clear as day? You watch dudes fighting in videogames for money, prizes and for the title to be called champion. Because that is why we watch fighting anyway, who cares if it is digital?

EVO 2014 is going down right now and the event will be streaming all day. We here at MiddleEasy support fighting tournaments of any kind, even, no, especially of the digital nature. So check out EVO all day because going outside is overrated. Here is the schedule for the rest of today.

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