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The 20 most historical UFC posters in all of MMA history

We love doing these lists on MiddleEasy, but this time we thought we would take it further by dropping the The 20 most historical UFC posters in all of MMA history on your little noggins. That's right, it's our first Top Twenty list in the site's history, making today historic by itself. In fact there's no need to check out the list we compiled. Just take our word for it and move on with your day.

Just kidding, let your eyes be amazed at The 20 most historical UFC posters in all of MMA history, only at MiddleEasy.

Dana White's UFC 175 vlog is here, and the guy is a social butterfly

I find it odd that in 2014 when humanity has developed an array of technology like Google Glasses, the iPhone, Satellite Radio -- our best option available to us is to literally sew skin back together when someone has a cut. It's an archaic medical practice that has been around for literally thousands of years, yet with the whirlwind of technology and medical science we drown ourselves in everyday, nothing tops a piece of string and a fine needle to repair two loose flaps of skin. There has to be another way -- as a civilization we should aim for lasers to surgically mend the skin together. Actually, we should aim for lasers to do far more than just scan barcodes in supermarkets. Why not a laser butter knife? I think it's about time we see some laser zippers in jeans instead of that ridiculous metal-hook contraption we're used to. If you get too close to the crotch, then lessons will be learned -- and remembered.

Stitches to laser zippers -- I can't believe you guys just read all of that. You better watch this UFC 175 vlog before I tell you my idea of how ice drakes are really just penguins from the future.

Pat Barry released another one of his weird videos, if you're into that sort of thing

Let's play a game, it's called 'MMA Foods' where you take a fighter's name and create a food out of it. Ready? Pat Barrys and Cream. Game over, I won. Now give me all the money in your left pocket. Don't be stingy with the lint and gum wrappers. I need those too. If you're not wearing any pants, then you've won at grossing me out. Now throw something over your underwear, because that's just disgusting.

I can't believe you guys would read MiddleEasy in just your underwear. You're disrespecting the sport you love and your favorite MMA site. Next time, just take those underwear off and go nude in front of your monitor. It may be awkward at first but with enough time you'll feel completely liberated. Urijah Faber has 'no shirt nation,' MiddleEasy has 'no underwear peninsula' and we're giving passports out on a daily basis.

Unfortunately it's time to end this article and show you this video of Pat Barry doing weird stuff with his girlfriend, if you're into that sort of thing

Blast to the Past: Lyoto Machida drinks a female reporter's urine, nasty!

Drinking a glass of urine is the new black. It goes with everything. You're telling me you've never had a urine/vodka before? It's great, try it. Next time you're at a bar ask for a 'Pee Bomber', they'll know exactly what you're talking about. If you haven't jumped on the urination bandwagon then we suggest you hurry up (before it gets too slippery). Lyoto has. In fact the dude does it every day before he works out as a method to replenish vitamins in his body. This Brazilian reporter didn't believe him, so she challenged him to drink her urine. Machida, always up for a challenge, told her he would do it only if she would drink his urine. She agreed, and the two went for the gold in this disgusting video in this edition of Blast to the Past.

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