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Zeus is represented by Galactus in his avatar image because he has an immature obsession with Marvel when they went all sci-fi back in the mid 80s. I'm the creator of MiddleEasy and Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Just kidding about the Nickelodeon stuff, but that would be really cool.

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This is my last article on MiddleEasy

Wait, what? How can the creator of MiddleEasy just leave MiddleEasy? What type of eschatological salvation is this? Well apparently you guys didn’t see any of The Matrix Trilogy, because The Oracle told us that everything that has a beginning has an end.

Just like a mother turtle preparing her nest for babies when she has to depart, I have ensured MiddleEasy has a strong structure and a solid team for when I depart my own baby, which would be effective today.

I’ve sold MiddleEasy and this is the last article I will ever write for the site.

Hey, hold those tears back. MiddleEasy is now in the hands of a great businessman from Southern California named Jason Wurz and he has massive plans for the site which include bringing back the MiddleEasy store with fully-stocked merchandise for you guys.

Taking my place as Editor-in-Chief will be Jason Nawara, a guy that many of you have come to know and love (and troll) throughout the years. I have full confidence that Jason will take the site into a new and exciting direction that most of you will enjoy, and a few of you will still complain about. Dave Walsh from LiverKick will act as the Managing Editor of MiddleEasy.

I started MiddleEasy on a Toshiba laptop that I got from Texas back in 2008. It was my first purchase when I landed my first ‘real’ job after I left Europe and was subsequently robbed of all my possessions at Heathrow Airport. It’s a long story, a story that I’ve probably told many times over the years. The name MiddleEasy was from a typo that I sent to my friend Rachel Mondeau one day on AIM when I told her to look at some crazy building they’re constructing in the ‘Middle Easy.’ I snagged the domain, sat on it for a while, and then after watching Michihiro Omigawa’s superhuman performance against Nam Phan at Sengoku 8, I activated my domain and started building the entire site at 2:00 am EST and by 10:30 am on May 2nd MiddleEasy was in existence. In the first article on MiddleEasy I told you guys Omigawa was a hybrid of Manny Pacquiao and a Carebear – and that sort of set the tone for the next five years.

This site has given me such an amazing creative outlet to communicate with you guys. MiddleEasy has its roots in MMA, but I never wanted it to be just about MMA. Perhaps that’s what separated MiddleEasy from the other outlets out there. If I had to make a top ten list of my own articles (and of course I have to make a top ten list) that I really thought were my best or most clever pieces, it would go like this – in no particular order:

- That time when I intercepted Lorenzo Fertitta’s email to congress and then told him why going against net neutrality is a really bad idea.
- Zombie satellite may threaten UFC 114
- Interviewing Lee Murray from his Moroccan prison with a cell phone he confiscated inside.
- Exploring the 10th dimension with Dynamite!! MMA
- Top Ten Staph Infections in MMA History (After all the years, it’s still really gross)
- Ronda Rousey becomes the NEW Strikeforce bantamweight champion
- Bas Boon tells us EVERYTHING about Pride FC
- The time when I accidentally found out a TUF cast member was a gay porn star
- My open letter to Michelle Ould regarding White Pride
- The Top Ten Alterations to MMA History That 100% Occurred in a Parallel Universe

There are a few other articles that I’m pretty proud of, but it’s cool. They’re all on the internet for history to discover.

Big thanks to the team at MiddleEasy

Throughout the years we’ve had a definite crew of people that have written or worked for MiddleEasy in some capacity. Every one of them deserves to be addressed, so if you feel like reading my personal ‘thank you’ to each and every one of them, then so be it – you creepster.

Noel/Dick Starscream – I used to go to college with Noel and when I told him I was making an MMA site, he immediately offered his help. I’m sure he will be shocked to read this article
Banguiz – Another friend that I went to college with. Absolute party animal but he parted off early when the site was growing. Still a huge fan and an even bigger friend.
Rachel Mondeau – Thanks for doing the early SEO on MiddleEasy, but you were sort of a flake. Of course you know I’m kidding, thanks for everything and I hope life is well.
Bauzen – One of the original writers of MiddleEasy! Wow! I wish you would have stayed until my departure. Your writing is amazing.
Cat Von C – I’ve been following your progression in life and it seems like at this moment you’re a much happier person – and that’s all I can ask for. Thank you for everything Cat.
Jason Nawara – Hey look at you, the Editor-in-Chief of MiddleEasy. I told you it would happen one day. Good luck on driving this beast to further greatness.
LayzieTheSavage – I miss the old days too. We all do, but those days will never return. The past is just a collection of stories we tell ourselves. I’ll see you around man, thanks for everything 100x over.
Kieran McNairin – Hey, you better be reading this while drinking an Irn BRU! Your science articles were amazing, but I wish you didn’t disappear all the time!
Nick Robertson – I’m sure I’ll see you around Hollywood in a few days. Keep up the great work with all that you’re doing.
Gary LaPlante – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life at someone’s entire persona – and that’s a huge compliment.
Dave Walsh – You have a luscious head of hair, just married, are a published author, and is running the biggest kickboxing site on the planet. Things are going well for you, my friend. Hope you like being the Managing Editor of MiddleEasy!

If there is anyone I left out, let me know so I can feel like a inconsiderate human being.

Big thanks to all of my MMA buddies out there

Now this, this is where I may mistakenly forget someone. If I do, deepest apologies – it wasn’t on purpose.

Shane Carwin – Big thanks for helping propel the site earlier on with your endorsements. It meant a lot, and you really do have the power to kick start the universe.
Ben Goldstein from CagePotato – Everyone thought we were in competition with each other, but in reality I really appreciated the love you guys gave us. You’re a cool dude, and I like the direction you guys are going. Fight the power!
Joe Rogan – For a guy with such immense power in MMA, you treated everyone at MiddleEasy with utmost class and respect. Now, let’s do mescaline together. I’ll buy.
Mark Cuban – Once again, thank you for the support earlier on. Wish the Affliction thing worked out for you, but you’re a genius businessman – I think you’re going to do alright.
Bas Rutten – Never got to really meet you, but I thank you for the amazing support over the years. #GOAT
Ron Kruck – Everyone reading this, if you want to party like a rockstar look no further than Ron Kruck. He’s the first media member that I met at a small show in Biloxi, Mississippi and we’ve been buds ever since.
Josh Barnett – We’ve taken shots of whisky together in downtown LA, gobbled up cookies in Dallas – thank you for the access you gave us. That’s metal.
All the guys at Inside MMA – Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the RTs, shout outs, emails – we truly had a fun time over the years. Still the best MMA show on TV.
Eddie Bravo – We’re still writing that book! Don’t forget!
Michael Schiavello – Dude, never let the industry change you. You’re an authentic guy, don’t lose that. Thanks for all the shout outs, especially during the 2009 K1 World Grand Prix. WOW!
Women’s MMA Roundup – Perpetually enjoyed all the content you’ve put out there. If you need anything, just let me know! Keep it up!
Esther Lin – Greatest photographer in MMA history. There, I said it. Now let me raid your lemon trees this weekend.
Roxanne Modaferri – Thank you for letting us interview you even though the button on our cassette recorder broke in mid-interview.
Mike Swick – It was good seeing you in Asia, let’s make some more shirts!
Nate Diaz – Thanks for letting cooler heads prevail in most situations, except that one time at the BJJ tournament in Long Beach. That was wild. Sorry I didn’t say what’s up to you when you dominated Miller in Jersey.
Nick Diaz – I enjoy our conversations about health and nutrition. You’ve opened my eyes up to a lot about health, and I thank you for that. You’ve always showed everyone from the crew a lot of love, and it’s appreciated. Also, props for always approaching this MMA industry with your own set of rules. It’s admired.
Stephen Quadros – We’ll talk on the phone later this week, or I might see you at that one place tonight ;) They call him The Fight Professor for a reason. Listen and learn.
Jason High – THANK YOU for rocking the MiddleEasy monster throughout the world in your fights. You should have never been kicked out of the UFC for pushing the ref, but I’m sure you already know that.
Ariel Helwani – You’re a friend, and that means a lot. Never give those haters too much to bite on, or else it will consume your soul. Oh, and Knicks are champions in 2018.
Jordan McCreey – Thanks for all the ads you placed on MiddleEasy back in the day! I wish it would have ended better.
Casey – You’re a weird dude – I never know what to expect from you when I see you – but I always make it a point to say what’s up. Keep up the excellent work.
Mike Chiappetta – We’ve only hung out a couple of times, but in two different countries so I guess you can have a mention here ;)
@MMASupremacy – This guy should get an award for the amount of information he conveys to the MMA world. Absolute pleasure following this guy on Twitter and thanks for all the leads!
Wojslaw Rysiewski – Poland MMA exists because of your site. Without it, the entire Polish MMA scene dies. Remember that.
Loretta Hunt – Folks, Loretta is much cooler than what you think she is – and that’s a massive compliment. She’s a New York Times Bestseller, for Christ’s sake. Now bake me some vegan cookies the next time we hang out!
Brad Robinson - We have a lot to create, my friend.
Renzo Gracie – This guy, man. Quick story about Renzo, I was editing video in the Philippines overnight and I stepped outside at 4:30 am to have a break. I see a white Mercedes Benz pull up and out of the passenger side emerges Renzo holding an ice cream cone. WHERE DO YOU GET AN ICE CREAM CONE IN THE PHILIPPINES AT 4:30 am?! Still the most ballerish thing I’ve ever seen, ever.
Phil Baroni – You’re a supremely fun dude with a massive and loving heart, but don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I mean, you are the New York Bad Ass.
DaMarques Johnson – MiddleEasy OG until the end. For those that don’t know, DaMarques gave MiddleEasy our very first interview, and since then he’s been a fan of the site. Big thank you DaMarques for all the support when no one would even give us a shot.
Ben Fowlkes – Undoubtedly my favorite MMA media member to party with. We’ve had some enormously fun times, and I’m going to miss crunking it up as often as possible with you. Now that I have free time, I’m going to read your MMA fiction piece.
@m3mma – Wu for life. Are you even alive?
Travis McPherson – Send me your MTV True Life YouTube link so I can check it out and laugh hysterically ;) It was fun!
Justin Klein – The Fight Attorney! Keep up the good fight.
Chael Sonnen – Wow, do we have history! I do have to say that throughout your meteoric rise in MMA, you’ve always been there for the site and never let the fame get to your head. I’ll see you around.
Jerry Millen – It may sound strange, but this is the only exec that can save the state of mixed martial arts. Listen to his words, they’re more important than yours.
Scottie Epstein – Without this guy, I would be in horrible shape. Scottie is the greatest, and for multiple reasons. You changed my life dude, and there are no words I can type to thank you enough.
Miss Rara – I LOVE the Snapchats that you send me! Let’s stay in touch!
Francisco Arias – Without Francisco, MiddleEasy would have never been able to film a show for Spike TV. Thanks once again my friend, and I’m sure we’ll have another drink at some dive bar on the West Side soon.
MarQ – The most important man in Women’s MMA.
Alistair Overeem – Dude, accept my Xbox Live friend request. Seriously, stop everything you’re doing and do it now.
Erik Fontanez – If you didn’t live so friggin’ far away we could hang out more. Fix your geographical location, son.
Richard Chou – We need to party with Fabricio Werdum more.
Fabricio Werdum – We need to party with Richard Chou more.
Dan Hardy – You’re a pioneer and you’re doing stuff that most MMA fighters aren’t expected to. That’s why you’re the man. Thanks for all the love over the years.
Michael Mcewen – Dude, I don’t have to tell you how you’re one of my greatest friends. You should already know this.
Patrick Fogatry – You feel asleep during the USA World Cup game. Shows how American you are.
Eric Heggie – You knew about this before anyone else.
Karyn Bryant – Everything you get, you deserve it – because you have been working your ass off for it for years. I see it, and soon the world will as well.
Joanne Spracklen – I wish the show worked out, we tried our best, but it didn’t happen. Keep doing amazing things in Hollywood.
Chatri Sityodtong – Without you I would have never visited Asia before the age of 30. What can I say, you make dreams come true. Also nightmares.
Martijn de Jong – You’ve been a consistent friend throughout the years, and that’s all anyone could ever ask for.
Steven Marrocco – Call me when you read this!
Jon Gordon MacKenzie – We have some projects that we need to work on! V^V
Ronda Rousey – You’re a vicious collection of fight energy, and also a person so kind that it defies human logic. The words needed to tell you how much we appreciate you on MiddleEasy are far too vast to type here. Even in the end, you were there. More people like you need to populate this planet. You’ll be great at anything you do Ronda, just do it – you don’t need my luck.
Danny Acosta – You got to stop telling people you’re Mexican when you’re really Puerto Rican.
Jee – We have some fun times ahead. See you soon!
Marloes Coenen – So elegant, so bad ass, so Dutch. If only every female fighter was as cool as you then the world would be a better place.
@synthsis – Go vegan. Stop with this dairy nonsense.
Cynthia Vance – Is there a love emoticon big enough to express how much I care about you? No, there isn’t damn. See you soon.
Tim Kennedy – One day I will taste your fabulous food. In the meantime keep crushing betting parlays with your MMA performance.
Scott Coker – Good luck at Bellator!
Candice, James, Pablo, Julia, Star, Hardeep, Dave, Nick, Willis, Morgan (The DTLA crew) - I must have had some amazing leftover karma coming in to this life to have supportive friends like you.
Felice Herrig – Remember that one time when you told us to lose your number? I do. Good luck on TUF.
@UltMMA – Thanks for the love!
Bobby Razak – I don’t believe a word you say, but I love every bit of it.
@FrontRowBrian – Without FRB, the MMA landscape will change, and it will be for the worst.
Bloodstain Lane – You went from Fedor sycophant to, to a Reptilian agenda destroyer, to this weird Christian homophobic being. I’m not sure where you’ll end up next, but I’ll be following.
Oli Pettigrew – If you fly from Asia to LA one more time and not hang out, that’s the end of us.
Steve Dawson – We need to make more fun times bud!
Kirik Jenness – We never go to truly collaborate, but you’re incredibly wise. Keep up the UG!
Gina Carano – If you’re not dating Superman (again) you know where to find me. I’m just a DM away!
Conor Heun – It was an honor to place the MiddleEasy logo on your shorts.
Mike Hackler – Oh, this Hackler!

Alright guys, this is going to take forever, so I’m just going to give a mass shout out to the following people: Jason Manly, Brett Cooper, Mark Munoz, Brian Ebersole, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket Top Team, Amy Barton, Jeremy Botter, Mike Kogan, Vinny Magalhaes, Jonathan Snowden, Josh Rosenthal, Frank Trigg, Rick Lee, Terez Owens, Heath Sims, Jennifer Swift, Victor Cui, Rousey’s Mom, James Goyder, Mike Straka, Jeremy Horn, everyone at MMAFighting, MMAJunkie, CagePotato, Doc Mason, Michael Chisea, @mixieboi.

I know I missed some people, but don’t hold it against me. This article was getting entirely too long.

I also want to give a big thanks to all the women in my life that I dated and my work essentially ruined our relationship. You knew it was tough being with me in the beginning, and I made it very clear. Being a slave to your own creation is exhausting, and even more so if you’re with me. I know most of you have moved on, and I’m happy that you found your true happiness in life.

My note to the MMA fans and MiddleEasy Readers

Never feel as if you’re looking at MMA from the outside in. This industry is not some faceless leviathan. You guys are the most important thing about the sport that you love.

I’m not sure where MMA is going, but I know where it was when I left it – and it was at a strange and bizarre state. The sport may last the next decade, but only if you let it.

So what does this mean? You need to show you support by the dollars and time you spend on it. If the UFC is putting on lame cards and expecting you to pay for it, then don’t. That’s your power. Demand better – because at the end of the day it’s your money that runs the sports, not MMA journalists.

So what am I going to do now?

Well, sleep in for a change. I’ve been frantically waking up for over five years in order to maintain MiddleEasy. Now I have time to do whatever I want, and I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll write a book, travel the world, start a new project – but whatever I end up doing, feel free to hit me up on my personal Twitter, @Tipado or send me an email at

Remember, you’re here to have a good life, not a long one. Enjoy the ride my friends. It was fun writing and providing entertainment for you over the years. Love you all equally with every fiber of my being.

The 20 most historical UFC posters in all of MMA history

We love doing these lists on MiddleEasy, but this time we thought we would take it further by dropping the The 20 most historical UFC posters in all of MMA history on your little noggins. That's right, it's our first Top Twenty list in the site's history, making today historic by itself. In fact there's no need to check out the list we compiled. Just take our word for it and move on with your day.

Just kidding, let your eyes be amazed at The 20 most historical UFC posters in all of MMA history, only at MiddleEasy.

Dana White's UFC 175 vlog is here, and the guy is a social butterfly

I find it odd that in 2014 when humanity has developed an array of technology like Google Glasses, the iPhone, Satellite Radio -- our best option available to us is to literally sew skin back together when someone has a cut. It's an archaic medical practice that has been around for literally thousands of years, yet with the whirlwind of technology and medical science we drown ourselves in everyday, nothing tops a piece of string and a fine needle to repair two loose flaps of skin. There has to be another way -- as a civilization we should aim for lasers to surgically mend the skin together. Actually, we should aim for lasers to do far more than just scan barcodes in supermarkets. Why not a laser butter knife? I think it's about time we see some laser zippers in jeans instead of that ridiculous metal-hook contraption we're used to. If you get too close to the crotch, then lessons will be learned -- and remembered.

Stitches to laser zippers -- I can't believe you guys just read all of that. You better watch this UFC 175 vlog before I tell you my idea of how ice drakes are really just penguins from the future.

Pat Barry released another one of his weird videos, if you're into that sort of thing

Let's play a game, it's called 'MMA Foods' where you take a fighter's name and create a food out of it. Ready? Pat Barrys and Cream. Game over, I won. Now give me all the money in your left pocket. Don't be stingy with the lint and gum wrappers. I need those too. If you're not wearing any pants, then you've won at grossing me out. Now throw something over your underwear, because that's just disgusting.

I can't believe you guys would read MiddleEasy in just your underwear. You're disrespecting the sport you love and your favorite MMA site. Next time, just take those underwear off and go nude in front of your monitor. It may be awkward at first but with enough time you'll feel completely liberated. Urijah Faber has 'no shirt nation,' MiddleEasy has 'no underwear peninsula' and we're giving passports out on a daily basis.

Unfortunately it's time to end this article and show you this video of Pat Barry doing weird stuff with his girlfriend, if you're into that sort of thing

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