Joan Jett Thinks That It's 'So Cool' That Ronda Rousey Uses Bad Reputation

Joan Jett Thinks That It's 'So Cool' That Ronda Rousey Uses Bad Reputation

Last night was a weird night on AXS TV. Why? Because CM Punk was hosting the red carpet event for AXS TV during the Alternative Press Music Awards in his first big, public appearance since he left the WWE back in late January. He also used his gimmick name, CM Punk, as opposed to Phil Brooks like he has in other appearances. This is probably it, Punk is done with WWE, it’s over. He’s moved on, fans need to move on.

There was an interesting moment last night when Punk was with Joan Jett, the punk rocker known for empowering females for the past few decades. He decided to bring up the fact that Ronda Rousey uses “Bad Reputation” as her walkout song in the UFC, asking Jett what she thinks about it. Her response was great, with her saying that she always loves it when her music is used to help people express themselves.

Props to @WMMANews and @PanthersfanGP for the tip.

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+1 # Sick Boy 2014-07-22 19:56
If I ever wanted to lose weight, I could do it Bulimia style and just look at pictures of aging rocks stars and people who shop at Walmart after I ate.
-6 # Meat tween me legs! 2014-07-22 22:50
Does this site aspire to be the Huffington Post of MMA?

It's run by a bunch of liberal wankers who want to turn MMA media into Men's Health magazine.

Dumb everything down, sterilize the shit out of it as to not piss off anyone but the mainly white male fighters and readers, and then hopefully get bought out by (enter name) Men's fashion and health magazine.

I know your formula, and it will fail.
+5 # Master Bader 2014-07-23 01:14
Lay off the crack pipe, bud.
0 # Semaj 2014-07-23 10:19
Uhh...Phil....u punk uh.... isn't really a natural interviewer. Uh... maybe too many...umm.. chair shots.

That said, Joan's answer is world class. Have always loved her in many ways.

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