The Bare Knuckle scene in the UK is growing strong

The Bare Knuckle scene in the UK is growing strong

In about the 11th grade at my school, a bunch of kids in my grade decided that they wanted to start a "fight club". I of course laughed hysterically about this notion, because A. people with no background or training in fighting actually fighting is hilarious and B. I knew it was never going to happen. They got really into the planning of it too, they were talking about how someone would be the king badass of the school and such. The story goes that since they pretty much told the entire school about this "fight club" that the cops broke it up the day it was going to happen. Which let's be honest, is totally and complete nonsense. No one showed up because they all like the Idea of being in a "fight club" but actually getting punched in the face, isn't something they could actually deal with.

Now, I'm sure you're familiar with the movie Knuckle. If you aren't it delves into the world of bare knuckle boxing. Now while that deals with the sport on a very unsanctioned level. There are people actively trying to grow it in the UK. They put on the first American vs. Brit match up for the belt in over 150 years. While this isn't street MMA, the fight at the end is one of the best non MMA fights we've posted here in a while.

Well done, Vice.

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+8 # TWO PACK 2014-07-08 12:54
All injuries and medical bills are fully covered by the British tax payer.
0 # noseforward 2014-07-08 16:18
That was badass.
0 # AuntieRazor 2014-07-08 16:46
Well, that was a fun watch. ....although in some of the fight clips, it's kinda hard to call it "bare knuckle boxing" when their hands are taped up.
+1 # Diegos Beliefs 2014-07-08 20:41
Gotta love seeing the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and talking about how much he loves cuddling beat a guy giving canned UFC interview answers.

And the Machine gun would have been absolutely perfect for early UFC's. He had the look, the bad-ass backgroung in bareknuckle boxing even right down to the Chinese martial art cornerman. It would have been perfect
0 # AuntieRazor 2014-07-08 21:41
...and he would have been dominated by Royce.
+1 # Diegos Beliefs 2014-07-08 22:50
Yup. That too. Especially considering a drunk cuddly gypsy wrecked him.
+1 # Diesel 2014-07-09 11:26
Anything that moves away from the Unified (and pussified) Rules of American MMA is a step in the right direction. This was supposed to be a real fight, not another diluted combat sport.
0 # 2014-07-09 11:36
Are women involved too?
+2 # leg kick to the head 2014-07-09 17:12
dude talking about the body shot is awesome
0 # Fung Ku 2014-07-10 03:25
Ha ha :D when the Chinese guys breaks the pre cut wooden board!

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