Heads up illegal streamers: UFC made a guy pay $11,948 for streaming two PPVs

Heads up illegal streamers: UFC made a guy pay $11,948 for streaming two PPVs

We come from a generation of receiving juice boxes after we lose little league games and getting rewarded for finishing sugar-coated lard square cereal by finding individually wrapped plastic toys at the bottom of the box -- the world is entitled to us.

It's not that our generation wants to pirate PPV streams, but we were taught that nothing is impossible in this world. Blame it on our parents sitting us in front of televisions on a Saturday morning, forcing our cognition to blend elements of fantasy with that of reality. Perhaps it's just the unrealistic notion instilled in us that everyone is a winner, thus even the losers are entitled to some form of victory. Therein lies the paradox of illegal streaming.

For our generation, there is no moral issue with receiving something without earning it (or at least paying for it). Why should any of us deviate from the paradigm that's been established for us since birth? If we didn't pass a test when we were children, we still received a pat on the back along with a complimentary 'Good job!' sticker at the top of our paper. We were taught the world has no consequences and the result of our failed (or malicious) actions simply will not result in any form of punishment. Dana White exists on this planet to negate this belief. He will punish you if you illegally stream UFC PPVs. In fact, he's already doing it.

According to Bloody Elbow, in wake of UFC announcing they shut down another streaming site this week, ZUFFA was able to obtain the IP addresses, emails and user names of every individual that used to illegally stream every PPV from UFC 130-142 in 2012. ZUFFA legally pursued one individual and managed to get him to pay $2,000 in statutory damages, $4,000 in enhanced damages and $5,948.70 in attorney fees and costs. Folks, two PPVs cost him $11,948.70.

Now someone cue the infamous 'That's [expletive] illegal' Dana White .gif.

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+3 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2014-02-12 12:35
Come @ me.

+1 # Rippie74 2014-02-12 12:40
They won't go get 1 guy. But if that guy is streaming an event & making $ off it they will certainly get him for that. But the avg citizen who tunes in for a few gifts has nothing to worry about.
+5 # jt33 2014-02-12 12:59
youre a fool if you sign up for anything when youre streaming anyway.. if you have to do anything other then click play youre doing it wrong.
+3 # guppy 2014-02-12 13:42
Is the UFC committing suicide? I'm baffled by all the stupid decisions lately. No KOTN, no SOTN, for TRT, against TRT, shill reporters, lame ass TUF series, ripping apart their star fighters, shitty employee salary, sueing the poor saps who stream illegally. OK it's stealing it's "really" bad, I get it. Brain studies probably related to no KOTN.
+5 # cooljayhu 2014-02-12 14:53
2 points:

1) This was a default judgement which means the guy didn't answer the suit. UFC only won this case on a technicality and it would probably be much harder to prove if the guy had actually taken steps in his own defense,

2) This really only applies to sites that require a user id. Lots of sites don't. Without a user list the UFC wouldn't be able to get things like emails and names without petitioning the individual ISPs for that info. ISPs are under no obligation to provide it without a warrant. Considering this was a civil suit and not a criminal case they probably didn't have a warrant.

So basically everyone calm the fuck down.

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