It looks like Kaitlin Young ran into a zombie apocalypse on her way to training today

It looks like Kaitlin Young ran into a zombie apocalypse on her way to training today

When we interviewed Kaitlin Young four years ago on MiddleEasy, former MiddleEasy interviewer Noel sent an email with some creative ideas he had for the banner and how I should execute them.

Make it awesome. Inspiration of banner could be Elmer Fudd meets Aldous Huxley. I think I wanna write like 3 sentences for her intro paragraph, you can just mix it in there and explain it however. It has something to do with her being the crown prince of women's MMA. Kinda like Aragon for the humans during the Lord of the Rings. I'll write a little something up for tomorrow that you can mix in there. Bang. Let's make her look good, she gave an educatedly (editors note: That's not a word) good interview. OH SHIT, she also is looking for sponsors i think, she didn't mention it anywhere, but i read it somewhere. Can we hook her up with JACO?

That's how we solve problems here at MiddleEasy -- with nonsensical references to pop culture and movies.

So Kaitlin Young had a pretty gnarly injury this afternoon while she was training, and it appears that she will turn in 4-6 hours if she doesn't get a zombie antidote. That's how they do it at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. Have a look.

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+2 # Mr.Doctor 2014-01-22 09:16
Jeezus... I'm assuming that's why people don't like using elbows in training. But that's an insane cut. what would cause that?
0 # corytz10 2014-01-22 14:09
I believe she said it was caused by a knee when she was trying to duck under a jab

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