If you missed the Michael Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold Twitter beef from last night, read it all right here

If you missed the Michael Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold Twitter beef from last night, read it all right here

It seems that everyone wants to challenge Michael Bisping. No, I literally mean, everyone.

A long list of individuals including Tim Kennedy, Cung Le, your mother, my mother, that guy who owns the Chinese takeaway down the road from you and your grandmother in her little retirement home (bless her), want to be the Brit’s next opponent.

You can add Luke Rockhold to that list.

Shortly after Rockhold did more damage to Costa Philippou’s liver than alcohol could ever wish to do; the last Strikeforce middleweight champion told us he wanted to fight Vitor Belfort. But more realistically, he mentioned that he would not mind fighting the ‘Count.’ Of course, Bisping got word, and ‘congratulated’ Rockhold.

Somewhere along the line, Rockhold had apparently developed a thirst for liver:

So, there’s that.

With Tim Kennedy calling him what ever he can between ranting about guns, and now, Rockhold threatening to eat his liver, Bisping is not short on opponents to fight when he does eventually return from his eye injury.

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+7 # The Dude Abides 1 2014-01-17 13:21
I guess we will all go on and pretend Rockhold didn't just admit he's a raging alcoholic. I wonder what kind of bender he was on before Vitor ninja kicked his chin off?
0 # jt33 2014-01-17 14:12
i would rather see rockhold/bispin g then bisping/kennedy ... anyone know a timeline for bispings return. and wtf is it with articles mentioning him and the hendo gif not showing up anymore.. stop slacking people!
+4 # SkeetEmUp 2014-01-17 14:40
-2 # bayzel22 2014-01-17 19:38
Bisping has been the most called out guy for years and the only reason I can think of why is because he's always in the top 10 and he just doesn't have that killer KO power. Time and time again people call him out, get the fight and get their asses pieced up. Bisping will absolutely fucking destroy Kennedy (who realistically isn't top 30) and this douche Cuckhold.
-3 # Srslythobro 2014-01-18 00:18
Yea except the part where he has a boring decision fight almost every time...
-3 # bayzel22 2014-01-18 08:11
Yeah he has no KO power and no sub game. That's why I think he gets called out all the time.
-2 # bayzel22 2014-01-18 11:46
Someone's butthurt because I can go find 30 guys at my local bar that would fucking smoke Tim Kennedy in less than 2 mins lol
-1 # AuntieRazor 2014-01-18 12:44
-2 # bayzel22 2014-01-18 14:15
47, sorry.

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