The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

This Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, coming at a time that's so off from Sunday morning that it's borderline hilarious. Ah well, at least it arrived this week, instead of just another mish-mosh of empty promises. Once again the SMRM is a collection of rumors heard around the MMA industry -- this feature isn't designed to verify anything, only to share what's being rumored. Nothing is being reported here. Enjoy.

.For the past two weeks I've heard a lot of chatter regarding ONE FC being purchased by ZUFFA. Earlier last week I thought there was an imminent deal, however something must have held it up -- if UFC was indeed going to purchase ONE FC, of course. The UFC has always had a tough time breaking into the Asian MMA market and they want to acquire ONE FC in order to slip UFC into Asia. I've heard the UFC wants to do ONE FC what they did to Pride FC, essentially pick apart the organization, grabbing Asian stars and prospects, and eventually replace ONE FC with the UFC brand.

.Glory Kickboxing also had an opportunity to purchase ONE FC in the Winter of 2012, however they elected not to acquire the promotion and focus their efforts/finance on Glory.

.Anthony Johnson was nearly released from World Series of Fighting last week after NBC execs discovered his 2009 domestic abuse charge.

.A matchmaker for a large MMA promotion is being investigated for potential terrorist ties. Yeah, it sounds pretty wild, however this has been an on-going investigation for years. The info only leaked out recently.

.It was rumored that while Alistair Overeem trained for Bigfoot Silva, he installed a large black curtain in the Blackzilian camp and only trained with hand-selected training partners within the confine of this curtain.

.I've heard from multiple sources that Bjorn Rebney tried to prevent Glory Kickboxing from having a television deal with Spike TV in order to corner the market on combat sports on the network.

.After the Frank Shamrock special aired on Spike TV, many people were clamoring for a Ken vs. Frank Shamrock fight. Apparently this bout has been discussed by network execs and they're 100% up for the idea.

.I've also been told by a current UFC fighter that other UFC fighters are being instructed not to discuss in detail the topic of TRT when asked in interviews.

.DirecTV has recently been creating original programming for DirecTV subscribers and it's rumored they want to get into live sporting events, starting with MMA.

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+32 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-10-13 23:01
Ken vs. Frank is literally the saddest fucking scenario I can think of...Its so silly. Cant believe they are still up for it.

Shady Zuffa TRT.
+6 # thebestone 2013-10-14 08:26
i could not have said this better. i have been trying to think of something in mma more depressing than ken v. frank and i got nothing..
+4 # Fatty_Sam86 2013-10-14 12:22
Guaranteed the TRT thing is to protect Vitor.
+4 # guest 2013-10-14 16:25
"Guaranteed the TRT thing is to protect CHAEL."

+3 # guest 2013-10-14 16:27
I agree. To go this far to try and hide, or protect Chael as a TRT user is real shady.
+23 # Anon 2013-10-13 23:05
Aww hell no, leave ONE FC alone
+13 # d3l8w0i 2013-10-14 07:03
I agree! The overall set of rules and the way fights are judged is way better.
+7 # CAINtheBULL 2013-10-14 01:08
The Overeem thing is well know.

I seem to remember seeing footage of it.
+5 # Shizzle 2013-10-14 02:06
Yeah they pretty much said that in the last episode of T he Reem
+4 # Ayatollah 2013-10-14 01:16
I have to call Wallid asap. Daniel is a snitch.

الله أكبر
+4 # Johnny 2013-10-14 02:18
The thing about alistar overeem was in the UFC primetime show. Why are you only saying it now? ooolllllllddddd d news
+18 # mac_rube 2013-10-14 04:45
I wonder if the matchmaker in question is Sam Caplan,

Joe Silva,

or WSOF matchmaker Ali Abdel-Aziz
+2 # Towelie 2013-10-14 11:47
Quoting mac_rube:

or WSOF matchmaker Ali Abdel-Aziz

somebody on another site pointed to a wiki page for someone of the same name as this dude, but he appears to be in a CIA prison per the wiki page.

I just watched homeland. i'm curious who it is.
+11 # Tank 2013-10-14 05:35
Joe Silva and tha Taliban bringing MMA to the Afghani masses?! UFC Iraq watch your backs!
-1 # Hooha 2013-10-14 21:18
Re: Shamrock fight - I may be wrong, but I think Zeus meant that network execs were 100% into it, not necessarily the Shamrocks.

Frank vs Ken would not be sad, it would be epic and huge but it should not happen; on the Spike special, Frank says that he doesn't want to get hurt anymore, let alone fight Ken. Frank just had his nose fixed for chrizzakes!

I wish them both the best. I'm still in awe of those guys as fighters, they truly are legends of MMA.
-2 # RoundPride 2013-10-15 02:36
Frank still wear braces on his teeth ? If Ken can hit him ...franks lips are ground beef!

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