Louisiana just banned female fighters with breast implants from competing in MMA

Louisiana just banned female fighters with breast implants from competing in MMA

Just imagine how much our society would change if the source of attraction wasn't two fatty lumps on a female's chest, but neck fat instead. Somewhere in a parallel universe inside the infinite plane of existence, this is actually true. Breasts aren't the 'in' thing. In fact they get in the way of chick's double chin. The more the better -- in this hypothetical culture inside this hypothetical universe. Girls would cover up their neck with chin bras wherever they go. Every hot chick would look like they just broke their neck. The perkier the neck fat, the higher your chance would be to land that killer corner office at your new job. Entire adult magazines would be dedicated to showing off neck fat of girls that have daddy issues. At the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show, Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction that involved an 'unintentional' neck slip -- and it was the biggest controversy that year.

That parallel universe exists somewhere in the multi-verse, but in our universe it appears that Louisiana just banned female fighters that have breast implants from competing in MMA. Yesterday the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission passed a rule that prohibits female fighters from competing in MMA unless they get a note from the doctor that surgically placed the implants in their chest.

It appears the bizarre rule is in direct response to a female fighter that recently pulled out of a match due to a problem with her breast implant. The reactionary commission doesn't know what would happen if a breast implant ruptures, so this moratorium is in place for the next two months until the commission gathers more information about what exactly makes a breast implant explode in one's chest.

Strange world we live in. Props to @WMMANews for the find.

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+31 # FreeLeeMurray 2013-09-12 16:43
Ban hot chicks from fighting, let dudes fight as chicks. YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!
+2 # ADoseofBuckley 2013-09-13 09:46
Well, technically I don't think Fallon Fox could fight under these rules either (unless she decided that all of the sudden it's fine to call herself a man under a technicality if the rules don't say anything about men with breast implants fighting). It would be assumed that as part of the gender reassignment surgery there were some implants put in and that it's not all hormones.
+10 # Bobbert 2013-09-12 16:48
Isn't WrestleMania in Louisiana next year? LOL.
-3 # Garrbanzzo 2013-09-12 17:11
Yes, yes it is
+9 # DrainBamaged 2013-09-12 17:03
Might be naive here but really, how many could there be in the sport?
+19 # Garrbanzzo 2013-09-12 17:12
So I guess Miesha Tate won't be fighting there any time soon.
-5 # NoHomo 2013-09-12 17:59
Victory for common sense
-3 # Fatty_Sam86 2013-09-12 20:00
Hey if any of these girls feel bad and need someone to hug, I'm always here.
+13 # lol 2013-09-12 20:21
wtf I came for tits ..............
+1 # Kuroshimaru 2013-09-13 05:19
i came too!
+1 # Lefthea D. Kick 2013-09-12 21:13
+3 # GUCCI 2013-09-12 22:00
that chick a dime
+1 # Kenneth.Allen.By.RNC 2013-09-13 09:49
Jordan Carver
+6 # ibtc 2013-09-13 04:20
Just imagine having a TKO by ruptured boob on your record.
-6 # PeteDaMeat 2013-09-13 08:53
ill let her fight.

she can suck my cock and fight for air.

-3 # Connor 2013-09-13 11:13
Discrimination towards nice round perky tits!
+1 # ShogunTapped2Strikes 2013-09-13 14:49
The dr's are gonna have a lot of fun checking which boobs are real and fake.

They'll be disappointed that Gina no longer fights, though. Missed a fun examination there.
-1 # lycan_warlord 2013-09-15 09:27
and to think i thought my state was gonna break new ground in a good way
0 # pathros 2013-09-15 17:20
Strange world indeed!
0 # fail win 2013-09-19 04:41
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