So Tony Lopez just officially became the worst person in MMA

So Tony Lopez just officially became the worst person in MMA

If you're from California then some of you may know of Tony Lopez from an innumerable amount of King of the Cage fights he's had over his eight-year long MMA career. The guy has held the championship strap in three separate weight classes in KOTC along with a few smaller organizations that we can't even begin to name. However this article wasn't designed to praise Tony Lopez or glorify any of his accomplishments in MMA. Not at all. Just a few minutes ago, Tony Lopez just became the worst person in MMA.

Tonight at KOTC: Split Decision, Tony Lopez did the most reprehensible thing one could ever do in mixed martial arts. After securing a rear naked choke on his opponent, Lopez held on to the submission as the referee was trying to separate him. It's not as if he didn't feel the ref pushing his body off his opponent. Tony Lopez intentionally held on to the choke and after he felt like he was done punishing his opponent, Tony Lopez hit him in the face. Check out the .gif of the incident below.

And here's another view of the submission, compliments of @GrabakaHitman.

Here was the live play-by-play from @Fight_Ghost of the entire ending to tonight's KOTC fight.

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+46 # PeteDaMeat 2013-08-29 22:01
Pretty chicken shit move.

Just get this asshole away from MMA.
-22 # SST 2013-08-30 12:09
I'm so conflicted. Held onto the choke too long. Opponent is black. Hammer fist after fight was called off. Opponent is black. Yosemite Sam. . . Rat tail. . .
+58 # Lefthea D. Kick 2013-08-29 22:04
He needs to meet Paul Harris.
+33 # Bobbert 2013-08-29 22:05
Punishment should be a five year suspension and his opponent should get to shave off that nasty rat tail.
-13 # ispitzhotfire 2013-08-29 22:06
Piece of shit. Must be from Stockton.
+8 # bayzel22 2013-08-30 15:38
I down voted you for have the stupidest fucking name ever. I spits hot fire? Lol you're a fucking loser.
+9 # ExcuseTheGlove 2013-08-30 18:30
he spitz*
0 # bayzel22 2013-08-30 19:07
My bad....nah, fuck him. He gets no respect
0 # JoeBloh 2013-11-30 06:55
If not Stockton,
Cacamento (Sacramento)

nothing but a bunch of Low-life losers
in that shit town. :)
+14 # nohespect 2013-08-29 22:14
fuck this piece of shit..
0 # King Murky 2013-08-29 22:16
Someone needs to cut off that rat tail and use it to string him up!
-10 # AFrontKicktotheFace 2013-08-29 22:18
KOTC boycott.... (not that I ever planned on watching an event)
+7 # Tony blopez 2013-08-29 22:18
Wasn't this shit rat on bully beat down
+20 # Sporadik Styles 2013-08-29 22:32
Terribly unclassy. The athletic commission should fine his ass.
-2 # jt33 2013-08-29 22:42
fuck this guy.
+28 # apjapki 2013-08-29 22:49
I'll put this on his wikipedia page. This should be the sort of shitty stink that follows him around.
+13 # Master Bader 2013-08-29 23:58
Just saw the wikipedia page. Good job!
+15 # jman 2013-08-29 22:54
why isn't this ground for disqualificatio n? Wow..
+1 # VivaMiles 2013-08-29 23:10
I'm no saint but it's pieces of shit like this cunt bag that make me feel like a priest (and no not the ones that touch kids).
+1 # VivaMiles 2013-08-29 23:14
Also I feel comfortable using the word "cunt" in my last response due to the lack of inhuman decency displayed by this prick... don't know what weight class he is but I hope the MMA Gods give him a fired up Hector Lombard next. If he dies... he dies.
-8 # brock lesnar 2013-08-29 23:15
mayhem still kicked the shit out of and pissed on a girl.
-6 # GrimsGrind 2013-08-30 06:00
fo reals......mayh em and tony lopez in steel cage match to the death i vote for.
0 # orangey 2013-08-29 23:16
pretty ironic that his was on bully beatdown but was the one beating up the bully...
+11 # spencifer 2013-08-29 23:57
Tony, we've got Bjorn Rebney on line one...
-1 # whatif 2013-08-30 00:32
Maybe that dude bit him or hit him in the groin before. I wanna hear the whole story before I call people names. Having said that it is pretty ugly. No one could get a comment from Tony? I've seen him interviewed before and he seemed like a nice guy.
+12 # Bully4me 2013-08-30 01:06
Doesn't matter if he gave him the finger in the cage or kicked him in the groin a couple of times, There is NO REASON at all to keep choking someone after someone taps and when the ref tries to pull you off. The punch in the face was even more disgusting, after you're choked like that you can't even defend yourself. NO < this was an absolutely terrible thing to do. Unprofessional to say the very least and down right criminal. The fight was over , therefore this was assault. MMA is trying to become a legit sport and creeps like this do not help. Suspend him, ban him, charge him, but do not let him get away with this at all or even think for a second there could be a reason for doing such a thing. If there was a beef , Tony won, that's all he had to prove, the rest is just crap.
-4 # YoureABitch 2013-08-31 01:10
And a [censored]. "NOTHING MAKES A LATE BLOW ACCEPTABLE!" Wah wah wah. The fucker probably had it coming and that is far from something horrible.
0 # M. 2013-08-30 06:49
Doesn't matter! Any action he takes after the fight is stopped is akin to assault. Afaik he can even be charged for this.
-19 # Poe 2013-08-30 01:44
You guys sit here and cry about it. Get over it. You don't mess with Tony Kryptonite Lopez!
-1 # Jitz 2013-08-30 04:08
Poe you sound like Tony Lopez, Thick as two planks of wood!!!
+4 # VivaMiles 2013-08-30 02:08
Poe... Your comment reminds me of a movie I once saw called troll... Starring no one you give a fuck about, calm your saggy tits.
+4 # Ravelife 2013-08-30 02:33
Sign this guy to the UFC and give him to Cain for a warm up fight.
0 # Jshin 2013-08-30 04:23

Interview post fight.
-1 # Poop 2013-08-30 05:50
Call Shane Carwin ;-) Tony Lopez / Shane Carwin...That's all ya will be Bully Beatdown Meets KOTC
-8 # GrimsGrind 2013-08-30 06:02
Mayhem always talked about bully this and i hate jocks/bullies blah blah....then he goes and hits / PISSES on a chick. You, Mayhem....Are a giant leaking swollen vagina. Tony Lopez however is just a disrespectful hoodrat with the education of my 11yr old sister.
+12 # M. 2013-08-30 06:47
ALLEGEDLY. This girl also has 5 restraining orders against HER from previous partners. She sounds like a champ.
+1 # MMAVeteran 2013-08-30 06:02
Guys like this loser ruin the sport for everyone - Fighters, Fans, Promoters, Sponsors, etc. Get rid of him ASAP......what a jackass
+5 # MMAsshole 2013-08-30 10:29
That was just him making sure he doesn't leave it in the hand of the judges
0 # Duder 2013-08-30 11:29
Anyone care to ask why? Is he just an asshole or was there some beef? Inexcusable either way, I guess.
0 # NUCKING FUTZ 2013-09-02 16:42
There was so called "beef" between tony and the black guy. The black guy was starting "chicken"(cause he's black, therefore it twas not beef) with tony lopez's wife backstage, next the black guy was stalling, and finally the black guy hit Tony real hard and made him angry. The last reason was my favorite, getting hit hard in an mma fight; that's just unheard of and mean!
0 # King Of The Cunts 2013-08-31 23:36
Fuck This Wetback
0 # ana 2013-12-28 22:27
te amo
0 # andersonsilvasshin 2013-12-30 04:56
this fight happened 4 months ago lol. and lopez is a douche.

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