Bummer. Paul Daley Won't Fight Melvin Manhoef

Scott Coker made it clear that one of the big fights that he wants to make is between newly-signed sluggers Melvin Manhoef and Paul “Semtex” Daley, barring that both men make it by their respective Bellator debut fight opponents, but it looks like that fight not might happen. The reason isn’t because Melvin Manhoef is leery about dropping to Welterweight, which would make the most sense, but instead that Paul Daley doesn’t want to fight Manhoef, whom he considers a mentor.

Paul Daley, you’ve disappointed fans of violence everywhere.

Alistair Overeem, Insecure Sadist? According to Andrei Arlovski and other fighters, Alistair Overeem enjoys injuring his teammates

Thanks to Alistair Overeem, Dave Sholler risked his life for nothing.  Because UFC 178 was all but ruined when Jon Jones suffered a torn meniscus and sprained ankle while the two were training together. Just like that, a wet Dutch blanket fell over all the momentum that was building between the champ and his perpetually bewildered opponent Daniel Cormier.

According to their coach Greg Jackson, it was an accident.

“It’s part of the game, it wasn’t like ... somebody went for a flying kick and dislocated [something],” Jackson said.  “Somebody went for a takedown, [Jones] stepped the wrong way, twisted the wrong way and down he went. He was fighting it, and he just twisted it. And then it just popped.”

But is Jackson being candid?  Bear in mind, this is the same man who told Jones to “get some fans” by circling back to check on a recently unconscious Lyoto Machida after Jon walk-off strangled him at UFC 140. So it seems as though his fighters’ individual interests may, shall we say, trump the interest of public transparency.  And a number of Alstair’s current and former training partners are accusing him of intentionally hurting his teammates.  The most recent is Andrei Arlovski.

In a recent interview with, the Pitbull said Overeem sent him to the hospital during a training session a couple days ago.  They were preparing for Andrei’s September 13th fight against Bigfoot Silva in Brazil.

“Well, I’m not big on telling tales out of school, but there is some truth to these words,” he said.   “Couple of days ago I sparred with Overeem and learned such outcome by my own experience. Usually sparring partners don’t try to inflict a real damage to each other. But Overeem at one moment kneed me really hard in the stomach. In a real fight I could have been KO’ed after that.”

“I rushed to a hospital to make sure that my ribs are not broken. Thank God, everything was all right, though initially me and my coach, we were afraid that Bigfoot bout would have to be cancelled. It was really unexpected and so dirty that I wanted to have my revenge on him at first, at least elbow him. But my boxing coach Andrey Ivchuk who was next to me at the moment calmed me down: ‘Don’t you go as low as a guy who is fond of such dirty tricks.’ As you see, it is very important to have a wise coach. Now I know that Overeem injured Jones simply because he injures everyone he trains with.”

The Belarusian’s story has an accented ring of familiarity.  Three months ago, former Blackzilian teammate Gilbert Burns said the Reem was routinely “beat up” by teammates Anthony Johnson, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort. According to Burns, Alistair didn’t like that.  “He was cocky,” he said.  And around January 2013, Overeem engaged in a regrettable sparring session with UFC heavyweight Guto Inocente.

“It was kicking his a**,” Inocente said.  “And he took me down. Unexpected.”  Inocente already had a broken hand, and he was recovering from a recent knee injury.  The surprise takedown blew out the other knee.  And just like that, Overeem left Boca Raton, Florida.

“Thank God he left the team,” Burns said.

A few days ago, Anthony Johnson corroborated the bullying storyline during an interview with Fighters Only Magazine. “. . . I know the man and when he was here he was always hurting somebody,” he said. “Accidentally on purpose.  And it ain't because he's clumsy."

"He ain't clumsy, he would just hurt you.”

So unless some mass conspiracy is building against the Incredible Growing Man, Overeem is an insecure sadist.  But none of his accusers have any personal knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the Jones injury.  And so, the regrets of past experience butt up against the assurances of Coach Greg Jackson.  One thing is certain, though.  The strategic mastermind had better start working on a new plan.  Because pretty soon, Alistair Overeem is going to need some more fans.

Scott Coker Grants Eddie Alvarez His Bellator Release

It has felt like an eventuality for a while now that Eddie Alvarez would depart from Bellator. Hell, he even had a contract clause to which he had to have a few very specific fights then he’d leave Bellator. To say that it was an unhealthy situation would be an understatement and I think that we all understand that Eddie Alvarez was unhappy at Bellator and wanted to go to the UFC. Scott Coker, ever the man of virtue in this dirty world of MMA, has granted Alvarez his unconditional release from the organization.

So now we can begin our countdown to Eddie Alvarez showing up on a random UFC card, because you just know that it’s happening. What else is there for him to do? Nobody sees Dana White turning Alvarez away like he did Ben Askren. That would be quite a prank if he did do that, though.

Check out Sh*t People Tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC Fight Night: Bader vs OSP

Hey, remember that time we all stayed up real late together to watch men fight each other in Bangor, Maine? Those were good times. As the night went on, we got tired, we got hungry, but the tweets kept coming. It was a wild night, with five finishes on the main card, which just makes us wonder how late the show would've gone had we seen a couple of decisions mixed in there... 1 am? 4? We're just happy we got to tweet weird thing at you guys, and we're equally happy you tweeted right back at us. Now step up your game. We can't have SpilledBagofIce dominate so much.

Fez II really isn't happening, bummer

Phil Fish is an enigmatic personality in the world of video games. He's never been one to shy away from controversial opinions. Some people hate him, some people love him, few people fall in between. I personally am fond of Fish, he made one of my favorite platformers of all time in Fez. I for one see Phil Fish as a sympathetic figure. If you watched Indie Game The Movie, you'll see Phil Fish, an insecure man, a man that cares too much. A man that cares so much about his own creation that he takes his own life into question.

Around a year ago, Phil Fish left the games industry and canceled Fez II. Saying the following.

"Fez 2 is cancelled. I am done. I take the money and I run. This is as much as I can stomach. This isn't the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign. You win."

Yesterday Phil Fish reaffirmed these statements tweeting this.

Well as a fan of video games, this sure is disappointing. I'm going to go play Fez again, bye.

Cage Warriors fighter Noelia Molina gets subbed, then attacks a fan

Sometimes, a fight starts hours or even days before the opening bell. For instance, you may exchange words, nearly kill Dave Sholler, and threaten to end your opponent’s life. But sometimes, just once in a while, usually in a magical place like Dublin, Ireland, your fight is a mere prelude to a completely separate fight that follows.  That second fight is the real one.  And that sanctioned nonsense you just participated in?  That was just the fight before the fight, as they say on the Jersey Shore.

Such was the case for atomweight Noelia “The Nurse” Molina at CWFC 70 last weekend.  She fought an undefeated Catherine Costigan and lost via armbar.  But Molina didn’t tap.  Oh no, the ref had to stop the fight for her.

Once that silly formality was over, the real show started.  After circling the cage like a drunk pilot waiting for clearance to land, the little air traffic controller inside Molina’s head diverted her to Pain Town. She broke off from her entourage and streamed into the crowd, presumably to drop bombs on a disagreeable fan.

It is hard to tell exactly what happened in the video, but this much is clear: If I wake up in a nursing home some day and Noelia is preparing my catheter, I’m going to behave like a perfect gentleman.  

This should be Wanderlei Silva's new entrance song

Wanderlei Silva has been around the sport for quite some time and yet he's always used the same entrance song. Darude - Sandstorm. A simple song that has become synonymous with violence.

It's kind of crazy to think that Wanderlei has been fighting for over 18 years. I mean when he started fighting, I was just getting into the first grade.

I remember still using floppy discs all throughout middle school when I needed to bring in a report into school. That seems like forever ago.

Now I can combine two things that make me feel old, Wanderlei Silva and floppy discs.

There needs to be a petition for Wand to use this as his new entrance song.


Randy Couture is open to a match against Fedor at Metamoris

You ever get sick of talking about drugs?  Not psychedelics or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.  I’m talking TRT, HGH, and all the other boring crap everyone is supposedly using in professional sports.  I’m so tired of it, I’m not even going to mention the Natural’s stance on the issue in his latest interview with Submission Radio.  You want to figure that out, you sicko?  Go put on some headphones and do some audio hunting for a roided-up Waldo yourself.

SPOILER: he doesn’t think more than a handful of guys use them.   

Couldn’t help myself there.  Whatever, it’s muscle memory.  Drug use in MMA is like politics and religion at Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s your responsibility as a self-loathing fan to talk about it, Tweet a condemnation, and take a nap.

But now, the theoretically exciting news.   According to a partial transcript of the interview by Jesse Holland of MMA Mania, Randy Couture says he’s open to grappling Fedor Emelianenko at Metamoris. Yes, Metamoris, the no-punches –allowed replacement for Pride freak shows.   A place where a guy who is in the middle of a punitive drug scandal can get a nice roll in against a world champion.  That’s exactly the sort of place where the Natural should be trying his ground game against a retired Last Emperor.

"That would be interesting and certainly given the time to prepare and get back up into good, solid grappling and wrestling shape, that would be a lot of fun and I think, you know,” he said.  “I'm not sure how active Fedor is at this stage, you know him being retired as well, but I'm certainly no opposed to an idea like that."

But does it matter, really?  This is Metamoris, the Wild West of combat sports.  A company that still has to “do a lot of research and work” before “accurately defining [its] stance” on PED use. Maybe Ralek is doing us a favor and just giving us a break from all this constant droning on about drugs.  Yes, the issue is important.  But a long weekend off would be nice.   And anyone vs. Fedor.  That would be even better.


Even Jon Jones Was Into Summerslam, Guys

We’ve been showing you the kind of fun that Ronda Rousey and the gang had last night, but that wasn’t all, apparently. See, Brock Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, was having a pretty big night that night. That was apparently enough to get Jon Jones excited about going to a WWE event and he posted his journey on Instagram, which included selfies with Hulk Hogan and the Big Show, some crappy videos from his private box and even, yes, a weird selfie video with Brock Lesnar after Lesnar just beat the crap out of John Cena.

Now, if you don’t know, Brock Lesnar HATES being approached like this. He absolutely hates it. He must have been in an awfully good mood last night and probably appreciated the support from Jon Jones. It looks like Bones at least had a good time, right?

We filmed the 4 Horsewomen drenching Stephanie McMahon with this Ice Bucket Challenge at SummerSlam

California is in one of the worst droughts in recorded history, but don't let that stop celebrities of all kinds to dump perfectly good ice water all over the place for charity. The latest person to go under the ice, if you will, is Stephanie McMahon, who I watched marry Triple H many, many years ago on the USA Network. Here she is getting what is very likely to be the most impressive Ice Bucket Challenge in the history of Ice Bucket Challenges, outside of Frankie Edgar of course. 

Watch what will be the first of many behind-the-scenes videos from the 4 Horsewomen invasion of SummerSlam right below these words.

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