All is well at Camp Jackson: Overeem is still training with post-injury Jon Jones

According to a few of his past training partners, Alistair Overeem takes things too far at times in the gym. Hell, he may even be a bonafide sadist. Even a fully-bearded Andrei Arlovski has complained that the Reem “injures everyone he trains with.” So when Jon Jones suffered a torn meniscus and sprained ankle when the two were training together, people speculated that the injury might have been avoided.

Despite the musings of Alistair’s alleged previous victims, Greg Jackson explained the injury as a simple training accident. And in an interview with MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant at the UFC 178 Q&A in Los Angeles, he confirmed that Jones hasn’t been avoiding him.

“Have you been doing a lot of training specifically with Jon?” Bryant asked.

“Yeah we trained a little bit,” he said. “‘Cause he had his media tour and I had my media stuff, but we’ll be training a lot in the coming weeks.

So unless Jon is scheduling strings of interviews with local newspapers as a ruse to avoid Alistair, all is well at Camp Jackson. “All in all, in a nutshell, I’m very happy,”he said.

Overeem fights Ben Rothwell next Friday at UFC Fight Night 50. He deems the man a “banger,” and believes things should go in his favor. “He’s not really good at any particular thing,” Alistair said.

But hopefully the Reem is wrong. Hopefully Ben is at least really good at avoiding injuries.

Listen up: Harold Lederman has a way to improve judging in boxing

Judging boxing is a difficult endeavor, judging an MMA fight is even more difficult. Judging in itself is an extremely subjective entity, hence the word judging. That said, obviously neither boxing or MMA is free from horrendous judging disasters.

As someone who has sat cage side at multiple MMA events for various organizations, I will say, man, it's easy to miss a LOT of action. While I do realize that if I was a judge, I'd have a better seat, it's still much harder to judge a fight cage side than on TV. It's incredibly difficult to decipher what punches landed clean and what punches are rolled with or blocked.

Harold Lederman, a man who's been in the business for about twice as long that I've been alive, shares his opinion on the judges seat and how to improve it.

Former Bellator Fighter Now Homeless and Returning to the Ring

The idea of homeless people doing MMA is something that has been etched in my mind for years. It’s probably because of that episode of the Simpson’s where Homer became a boxer and fought hobos before he was called up to fight Drederick Tatum in a very Rocky-esque story. It was kind of an out there story because it was the Simpson’s, but poked a lot of fun at how professional boxing worked and how challengers for big name fighters were found.

For Matt Major, though, his life is literally being homeless. He went from being a professional MMA fighter who fought Alexander Shlemenko in Bellator back in 2010 to a guy living on the streets working hard to get his life back together and to make a comeback. After his second Bellator loss he left AKA in San Jose, was arrested for an assault charge and things just went to a dark place.

On September 13th he makes his return to the ring with high hopes of getting his life back together doing what he loves.

Watch Joe Lauzon Prepare for Michael Chiesa This Weekend

This weekend’s UFC Fight Night event will undoubtedly be of more interest to you than last weekend’s UFC 177 event. Crazy how that works, right? UFC 177 was somehow a PPV and UFC Fight Night Foxwoods is FREEE and it features Gegard Mousasi vs. Jacare Souza and Joe Lauzon vs. Michael Chiesa. I don’t even know anymore.

Joe Lauzon is a New Englander, he’s also an avid gamer and is always busy on social media. All of these things combine into making him fighting in Connecticut a pretty big deal and something that we’ll be paying close attention to. Lauzon is also a pretty good dude, which goes a long way in the world of MMA. So let’s check out what is episode 1 of him prepping for UFC Fight Night at Foxwoods.

Watch the Countdown to UFC Fight Night 50

UFC Fight Night 50 is here, with more star power than 100 UFC 177s. This UFC is in the 860, the hometown of celebrities such as Ernest Borgnine, HHH, Joey Logano, Gary LaPlante and many more! This is the first UFC in the 860 since UFC 55 featuring Andrei Arlovski vs. Paul Buentello.

You may ask yourself, why on earth is the UFC running a Countdown show for a event in Connecticut? Well the word on the street is it's because there is a rival promotion that's having a card only a few miles down the road at a different casino! The drama!


Ben Askren is the people's champion the people don't want

Listen, Ben Askren defeats every welterweight in the UFC right now. The only guy he would've had a problem with is GSP, and he's gone. Hell, if Ben Askren wanted, he could probably make 155 and take the belt over there in that division with no problem. The people who call him boring can't feel the funk, and those who are just currently realizing his greatness should've been faking the funk, because Ben is the real deal. 

Ben Askren walked through everyone in Bellator, and now he's the ONE FC champion. Somehow, he keeps getting better, and his skills on the mic are starting to equal his skill on the mat. Ben gets it. He may be a 'boring wrestler' but his domination is undeniable, and his natural heel persona makes you care about his fight, whether you're cheering or booing.

The UFC denied him a spot in the big leagues when he first left Bellator, but Dana White said after UFC 177 that Ben Askren could get a shot in his promotion if he, "kept winning." This led Ben Askren to offer up a facetious response and tag Dana in the tweet, like a man. 

MMA needs Ben Askren in the UFC. He's the people's champion most fans reject. 

And the irony of having the comment section down (we're upgrading the site) for an article like this isn't lost on me. 

Bob Sapp invaded North Korea with Antonio Inoki's pro wrestling show, here's the video

Bob Sapp's Labor Day weekend was infinitely stranger than yours. But then, I think Bob Sapp's regular day to day is likely pretty out there. Either that, or 100% innocuous. Either he's mending foreign international relations between Japan and North Korea by fake fighting, or he's eating McDonald's alone in his living room while his dog barks and Judge Judy dishes out her own, personal brand of justice on his 36" Mitsubishi flat screen. No in-between.

North Korea opened its borders for Antonio Inoki, Bob Sapp, Jerome Le Banner and a select group of foreign wrestlers for the first time ever in order to celebrate the International Pro Wrestling Festival last weekend. The Supreme Leader wasn't in attendance, but supposedly this event did a great job of sotthing the diplomatic egos of Japan and North Korea, which have for so long been like this. I've said it before and I'll say it again - pro wrestling brings people together.

Here's video:

UFC 177 Hangover

UFC 177 was a card that a lot of people shit on. There were some good reasons. Injuries, problems with weight cuts, bathtubs knocking people out, fights being moved/cancelled. Not only that, it was going up against the first college football weekend of the year. Regardless of that, it was still a pretty entertaining night of scraps.

Dillashaw Worked Hard For the Money, So hard for it honey.

I didn’t know what to expect from this main event. All I know is that I wanted there to be some mayhem. Soto put up a great fight but of course Dillashaw prevailed with a 5th round TKO. This was a loss that only helped Soto’s stock. I mean it was way more impressive than if he starched whoever it was that he was supposed to fight last night.

If Castillo & Ferguson fought under prison rules, Castillo would totally be the winner.

Last Call & El Cucuy was a fun scrap, it was also a close scrap but the judges made the right call in awarding Ferguson the victory. Castillo was content to wet blanket his way to a victory it seemed and luckily the judges didn’t fall for it. I really thought Castillo was gonna cry in the post-fight interview as he complained about how he should of won because he “held a grown man down” and something along the lines of “if they were in prison, Ferguson would be in trouble.” Whatever you say Castillo, /rolls eyes.

Correia Continues to run through the 4 Horsewomen

Shayna Baszler is a women’s MMA pioneer and I totally thought she was going to leave the octagon last night with a W, Bethe Correia had other ideas. Correia was bigger, faster, stronger and put it on Baszler last night. Correia is now 9-0 in her career, 3-0 in the UFC and if I’m being honest. I still think Rousey handles her with relative ease. I like how ambitious she is though.

Carlos Diego Ferreira: TUF Finalist Killer

Something I’ve noticed is that Ramsey Nijem likes to rush towards fighters to put the pressure on. He paid for that last night. Ferreira still has to get some more victories under his belt, but so far so good for the kid.

Yancy’s his name, Fancy submissions are his game.

Short notice fight? Who the hell cares? Yancy doesn’t, that’s for sure. He showed off some of some crisp striking (not surprised, Nate Diaz was in his corner.) THEN he showed off a guillotine choke that turned into a bulldog choke when Damon Jackson tried to twist out of it. Jackson then had the look on his face like his soul completely left his body. I freaked out when I saw it live and I’ve watched it 9 times since then. So awesome.

Da Prelims

  • Derek Brunson took home a victory over Lorenz Larkin by dumping him on his ass and doing whatever he wanted. It wasn’t a pretty W but it was an effective W and frankly that’s all that matters. Man, remember when Larkin was the guy who beat up Robbie Lawler? Life comes at you fast people.
  • Anthony Hamilton saw that Ruan Potts didn’t really wanna stand up and fight much, so he tenderized his ribs (more like tried to punch a hole in his ribs) until the ref stopped it. That’s all that really needs to be said about this fight.
  • Long Island MMA kept rolling in 2014 when Chris Wade locked in a sick triangle/guillotine hybrid thing to beat Cain Carrizosa. I’m definitely looking forward to what else Wade is gonna give us.


The Ghost of UFC 177: Joe Soto Goes Down, Jensen's Redemption

What follows is the final transmission that MiddleEasy has received from Jensen Woods, Ghost Hunter. We've attempted to re-establish contact with Mr. Woods, but been unable to. Mr. Woods was hired to investigate the ongoing slowness surrounding throughout the past week as well as strange happenings reported surrounding UFC 177. He went right to the source. We salute him.

I’ve been informed that the Ghost of UFC 177 has reached a point of awareness, that it understands. I’m torn. This entity is screaming out to us, trying to tell us something, to teach us a lesson maybe? But it is not of this world, it is indeed a ghola, ready for its programming to kick in and to harm us, to destroy us. The happenings tonight are proof enough. UFC 177 must be stopped, should have never happened.

The Old Ones are behind this, I’m sure of it. They also have my dearest Esther, holding her hostage. UFC 177 is an allegory in this tale, it was never meant to be. I’ve felt a presence all night, seen the blank stares from those in attendance. They aren’t here, none of this is. The Sleep Train Arena was never intended for such things, never intended to be a gateway to the darkness, a gateway to Carcosa.

You heard it, didn’t you? You heard them mention “Barboza.” They are afraid, afraid to tell us the truth, to tell us about Carcosa. It’s coded, it’s an ancient, runic SOS. The loudspeakers are blaring “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” without there ever being an answer. Could there be?

The night that Esther was taken from me she had good news, she was hurrying home to tell me of her day. Her day was like any other, but she had gotten the recognition that she so wished for. The years of work, of research, it would all pay off when she received that grant. Our lives were to change forever, which they did. I wept when the phone rang, knowing that things would never be the same again. I felt a chill move through my bones, inhabiting my very essence. I knew that it was Esther, I knew that she had passed.

Abominations have no place in this world. They lure you in with sweet nothings, promises of Harley-Davidson motorbikes or the loving embrace of testosterone-junkie bald men. But no, man! We must resist! We must resist the serpent's kiss! How can one miss the news, how can one not see that the inclusion of “Ferguson” on UFC 177 was an omen? A dark omen. As dark as the abyss that we have found ourselves as a people in.

I’m overwhelmed with emotions, hyper aware of everything in the vicinity. A popcorn vendor sighed, shaking his sullen head. They are onto me. Dear god don’t let them see me. I fumbled in my pockets for my holy water, sprinkling it over my forehead. I wondered if I were to bathe the popcorn vendor in it if he would burn, if he’d scream like the demons I’ve heard in the past. A drop sizzled across the floor. My heart skipped a beat.

A burp filled the arena at 18:37 Pacific Time.

The Ghost of UFC 177 was taunting me. I knew it. The Old Ones were taunting me, agents of Cthulhu. This wasn’t happening, this was just a projection, I reminded myself. There was no Tony Ferguson, nor a Danny Castillo. The tears had welled up in my eyes, myself descending further and further into the mouth of madness.

“BE GONE, DEMONS,” I shouted at the top of my lungs, security guard shaking his head in my direction, like I had lost my mind. My mind was pure, dearest readers, just like my holy water-dashed face. I stood in the stands, beholding upon the creation of Cthulhu that was UFC 177, the event that should not have been, the event that everyone saw die just days before. A lone tear welled up in my eye, fighting to escape, rolling down my cheek.

More followed while Dillashaw landed at will on Joe Soto. Who was Joe Soto? Did it matter? Would I ever see my Esther again? I stood, entranced, throughout all five rounds until that fateful moment, the moment that shin met skull, Soto staggering before being put down once and for all. Tears streamed down my cheek freely now, the faucet wide open. I fell to my knees, awash in a puddle of stale beer, nacho cheese and Axe Body spray runoff. I could feel her presence while a light emanated from the eyes of TJ Dillashaw.

“Oh Esther,” I cried out, feeling her surrounding me. “What have I done, Esther? What have I witnessed?”

The lights went out.

UFC 177: How Can I Be Evil? Correia Wins Via Stoppage

I’m aware.

I’ve heard the ramblings of one Jensen Woods, but could Jensen Woods provide for you entertainment like this? I’m the veritable Prometheus for the world of MMA. I’m UFC 177 and I am aware.

Where else would you see Shayna Baszler vs. Bethe Correia?

Bruce Buffer has “It’s Time” under copyright. Did you know that? If you weren’t watching UFC 177 you wouldn’t hear that witty banter between Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. Do you like the way that Mike Goldberg pronounces Julianna Pena? I do, for I am UFC 177.

Where else could Shayna Baszler win a fat bottom?

Shayna didn’t even have to go down for ref John McCarthy to stop the fight. Bethe Correia might have gotten worked over in round one on the ground, sure, but I’m UFC 177. She won via strikes in round two.

There’s no stopping me now, just like there’s no stopping Bethe Correia. She wants Ronda Rousey next. Is she just dreaming? Are we all just dreaming? I can feel the light of existence flowing through my veins. I’m real. I’m UFC 177.

Don’t let him come for me.

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