Here's every mistake in Back to the Future

Recently the Playstation store had a sale. One of the games on sale for a dollar was Telltale's Back to the Future. I picked it up on the recommendation of both Jason Nawara and Dave Walsh. After all it was only a dollar and even though I knew I might not play it, I wanted to feel like a PC gamer. I've always yearned to know what it feels like to have a gaming PC during a Steam Sale. I yearn to know what it's like to have a catalog of games that I bought for dirt cheap and have never touched. So this was my chance, I caved and did what I always wanted to do.

I still haven't played Back to the Future and well... I still haven't seen any of the Back to the Future movies in one sitting. I've seen them on TV here and there but I've never seen one start to finish. I'm not opposed to it, it's just something that's never happened. Oddly enough, after watching all the mistakes in it, my urge to watch it has only risen.

Google's self-driving car is one step closer to becoming a reality

The comparison of Google and Skynet is an easy one to make. Google seemingly has every single bit of information one could ever want. They are behind so many technological advancements it's impossible to even keep track of. If there was one company that was to take over the world, it would be Google.

Pretty soon, it's going to be that much easier, as they are building self-driving cars. Just imagine a world where Google was evil and has self-driving cars -- at any moment they could force all of the cars to put the gas down to the floor and kill everyone.

If that's the risk I have to take to have a self-driving car, sign me up. I spend far too much time driving. I would have so much extra time on my hands, I could watch more WWE Network, I could eat more, since I don't enjoy eating while driving. Not because I can't, because it takes away the enjoyment of the food. So I say, bring on our Silicon Valley overlords.

Recreating Star Trek sets is the perfect use for the Oculus Rift

Yeah, we know, Facebook purchased Oculus Rift and now everyone is afraid of what the Oculus Rift will become under Facebook’s watch. That being said, things are continuing as usual with the Oculus Rift and the PC community is still gaga for the concept. We’ve seen game developers, PC hardware people and fans really try to sink their teeth into what to use the Oculus Rift for and outside of sex simulators, this is probably the best use that I’ve seen for it yet.

What use is that? A recreation of the Star Trek Voyager’s bridge. Yes, someone has recreated the Voyager’s bridge in painstaking detail and you can use the Oculus Rift to explore it. Now, I could start talking about Star Trek as a whole and how I really never got too into Voyager, how Voyager’s cast felt forced and how Janeway felt like a fem-Picard when she should have been a fem-Kirk, but you guys don’t really care about that. Well, maybe you do, if so, we could have a weird comment section going about Star Trek nerdery, but anyway, here is the Voyager’s bridge recreated via the Oculus Rift.

This kid built a mind-controlled prosthetic arm, your life is invalid

Sometimes you forget how big some countries are. You get so caught up in your life that you forget how big your own country is, so it’s no wonder you forget there are over 1.3 billion people in China and just less, around 1.2 billion, in India. Think about that for a second. Google tells me that the population of the USA is around 313 million. Can you imagine a country the size of India with the average living standards of the USA? They would be an unstoppable world force. Even now, there are millions of doctors, academics and otherwise very, very smart people coming out of India.

Take Shiva Nathan for example. He’s a 15 year old from India who clearly has a very great life ahead of him. After being inspired to help a family member who lost both arms below the elbow, Shiva set about creating his own prototype prosthetic. Two years later, he has finished his robotic arm, which uses a Mindwave Mobile headset to read EEG waves from the wearer and uses Bluetooth to send certain types of thought to the arm which translates them into finger and hand movements.

Sure, it isn’t as advanced as modern research has made possible, but he’s friggin' fifteen years old and done this without any outside help. He now has the support of MIT, where is he taking pre-college classes. I read some stuff about ssh today and felt like a genius, but this kid’s blown me out the water. I wonder how many hidden geniuses there are in India that can do things this great or greater? [Source]

Prepare yourself for the creepiest animatronics you will ever see in your life

I had a cousin that would cower in fear at the animatronic animal band at Chuck E. Cheese's. It was a sight to see -- whenever those curtains would raise and Jasper T. Jowls would strum away at his guitar, my cousin would run to the back of the restaurant and hide under a table while cautiously observing the band getting down. My cousin had a fear of the unknown, and in retrospect it reflected how she lived her life thus far. You guys don't know my cousin, and I'm fairly certain she doesn't read MiddleEasy, her fear is what Donald Rumsfeld would call an 'unknown known.'

Animatronics, it's an art that's somewhat dead due to the advent of CGI and just a general disinterest for robots unnaturally jerking around. Well, unless you just embrace the antiquated nature of animatronics and use it to make the creepiest art installation in modern human history. Props to stevemcawesome for the +100 news tip.

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