Raw July 28th: John Cena vs. Plan Cesaro, Brie vs. Steph

We got a few good episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw, which is probably all that we could ask for, until tonight happened. For some reason WWE has a way of kicking off shows in a big way and then letting them just devolve into nothing. This was one of those shows, sadly. So let’s try to reflect upon the good from tonight’s Raw, as opposed to lament on how few matches happened.

Cesaro vs. Cena

These guys have met a few times before and they always seem to click. Tonight was no different. Well, let me preface this with it was kind of different. Things started off pretty rough between the King of Swing and the Walking Billboard, but after they came back from commercial break things started to click together.

The Cena promo that was opening the show was pretty painful so we were stoked when Heyman interrupted, then when Cesaro came out and we got an impromptu match, that’s for sure. These guys really should get some time to work together on a PPV because they know how to work together and make for some magical spots.

Stardust is Stardust

Give Cody Rhodes a ball and he’ll run with it. Maybe him as a generic guy in trunks wasn’t right for him, maybe putting him in a ridiculous gimmick was exactly what he needed to get over? Who knows. What I do know is that him as Stardust is amazing. Add this gimmick with his in-ring work and he should really, really get over.

Rollins vs. Jericho Was Okay While It Lasted

Any other Chris Jericho and I would have been looking forward to this, but Summer 2014 Chris Jericho? Yeeesh. He already came out to make his “Steph is a Trashbag Ho” comment which made zero sense considering he’s feuding with Wyatt, but whatever. WWE logic. It was enough to set up this match, which all things considered, was pretty good.

I was thankful for the Wyatt Family run-in at the end, though, because we were about to see another Chris Jericho win that benefits absolutely nobody, ever.

Goodnight, Sweet Bo

He’s no longer 19-Bo, he’s now lost a match. That’s right, folks, Bo Dallas had a streak, but now that streak has ended at the hands of R-Truth. We’re not kidding. It was a schoolboy finish, which we are cool with and you should be too. Where he goes with this will really determine how long this gimmick has legs for. Getting to see Bo attack R-Truth afterwards was pretty great.

That’s about it for even passable moments on Raw. A lot of the show focused on Stephanie vs. Brie Bella being built up, which is fine, but we know the end game and the end game kind of sucks. Stephanie belongs making these main event angles happen, that main event angle shouldn’t be a match with Brie Bella.

Test footage from the Deadpool movie has surfaced, and it looks great, actually

Is this the new MiddleEasy? Well, considering there's no major MMA events going on for about three weeks, yeah, we can focus our attention on the fallout of Comic Con and the myriad of leaks stemming from the private screenings and NDA-blanketed reveals. If Comic Con attendees were the secret service, we would've known George Hickey killed JFK fifty years ago. But then, we wouldn't get this test footage shot in 2012 of a potential Deadpool movie that may never happen either? 

Strung on conspiracy behind the murder of one of, if not the, greatest president ever, or leaked footage from comic book movies? It's a tough choice, because who knows if this is the only footage we'll ever see from this Deadpool movie. It's a big deal to some. The fact that the studio won't pull the trigger, so to speak, on this release because it'll be rated R is a farce. Maybe this is what John Kennedy meant when he said, "If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him." Kennedy and Deadpool. We need them both, I tell you.

Here's that leaked footage. 

Mad Max Fury Road Trailer Looks to Reintroduce Us to the Road Warrior

I feel like the world has spent so much time being nerds about Frank Miller, it’s a name that this week especially, in the wake of Comic-Con, is hard to escape. But we aren’t here to talk about Frank Miller, we are here to talk about a brilliant visionary that innovated the world of action cinema through subtlety, interesting use of angles and creating a dynamic modern version of the lone wolf hero by the name of Max Rockatansky. We are here to talk about George Miller.

If you look back to The Road Warrior you’ll find perhaps the pinnacle of modern action films. It was a first, in many ways, it was the first film in that action sub genre to do what it did; to push almost non-stop action, fused with tight angles, little exposition and a lot of implications that the viewer is to put together themselves. The thing is, it was done so well. It has been imitated so many times over the years and I’m not sure that it’s ever been done better than The Road Warrior.

For those curious as to why The Road Warrior is still the height of action cinema, look no further than the handling of the scene where two cars break away from the refinery, only to both be intercepted. A woman is dragged violently from the car, raped, shot and her body dragged behind a vehicle. Even by modern standards this is brutal, an awful scene and something that would require very careful handling. By modern standards it would be done close-up, it would be visceral, it would leave nothing to the imagination.

In The Road Warrior during this scene Max is on a hillside, telescope in hand, darting back and forth between scenes of horror. You never quite see it all, you actually don’t see much, but the handling of that scene in particular is done in a way to project the panic, the horror, the madness. It sets the perfect tone for how depraved Lord Humongous’s crew really are and does so by forcing you to use your imagination.

So the question is; Can George Miller recapture the glory of the Mad Max franchise twenty years later? Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was a good film, unable to live up to the previous two, but still worthy in its own right. Now twenty years later Miller will return to the silver screen with Hollywood as his muse. Miller is doing this following commercial successes outside of action, actually making a name for himself with films like Lorenzo’s Oil (not Lorenzo Fertitta, okay?), Babe and Happy Feet. This is his return to the brutal. This is his return to the wasteland.

Our society is inundated with what we believe a hero should be. It’s full of rich men in expensive costumes with fancy gadgets, aliens that fell to earth to be sworn protectors and the bad asses with their one-liners. Max Rockatansky is the hero that always stood out, he was the Man with No Name for a new generation and now a new generation needs that hero again. This generation needs to be shown, not told, of what a man with nothing left to live for does when he finds a reason to keep going. The wasteland is calling.

The Batman vs. Superman trailer has LEAKED - Watch it here

Holy crap. Holy crap. Hole. Lee. Crap. So it's San Diego Comic Con this weekend, or the big one, and there's been a lot of big news. Sinister Six will come out before The Amazing Spider Man 3, Ra's alGhul will be in the next season of Arrow, Avengers something or other... HOLY CRAP BATMAN V. SUPERMAN FOOTAGE!

That's right, last night Zack Snyder showed a teaser trailer for the upcoming Man o' Steel sequel, and our faith is completely restored. So Dark Knight Returns. Much Frank Miller. Wow.

So right away it's clear that Bats is not suited up in the cape and cowl from the now infamous butt chin photo (Buttfleck), but anyone who is familiar with The Dark Knight Returns should notice that the suit in the trailer is pretty much the armor that The Caped Crusader wears during his final battle with Superman in Crime Alley. Come on, Zack. Don't screw this up. We believe you. Watchmen still sucked. 

Kill some time before UFC on FOX 12 and watch these Game of Thrones bloopers

I'm not going to be one of those people that's going to be like, "the books are so much better" but then again, maybe I am? Sorry to open this article on shaky ground, but the Game of Thrones TV series has really taken some confusing turns compared to the books. I'm gonna keep this spoiler free, but I want to ask just one question: Where the **** is Lady Stoneheart? That's all? Why even introduce Beric Dondarian if the **** doesn't go down? It's cool though, I like the books and the TV show. 

Last night the MMA world acted out like George R. R. Martin wrote the copy, with Phil Baroni and Melvin Manhoef both losing violently, so it just seems right that we watch these bloopers before we get ready for mortal combat this evening on FOX.

Update: Two minutes after I wrote this article, I found this (spoilers).

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